AMEY organises the General Assembly and Meeting of Stakeholders of the OUTSMART European innovation project in Birmingham


Co-funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme of support for innovation, the main objective of the OUTSMART project Is to develop information technologies for new services that allow a more sustainable and smarter city. To this end, work is being carried out on innovation "Ecosystems" or "Clusters" in five European cities: Birmingham (mobility), Berlin (waste management), Trento (water management), Aarhus (open-data) and Santander (municipal lighting). The work done in each of these five ecosystems will aid the creation of municipal services and technologies to optimise services and resources in urban areas. The project is estimated to last 24 months and has been given a grant of 5 million euros. The Ferrovial team in OUTSMART: Amey and the CI3 OUTSMARTThe team from Amey working on the project is leading the work relating to transport and traffic engineering conducted in the project, offering some imaginative, sustainable and efficient solutions to managers and transport users in Birmingham, extrapolated to other cities around the world. The team members say that  "developing an innovative approach that incorporates new ideas and processes for municipal transport is a key success factor for the city. This approach has inspired the contents of a series of valuable innovation projects such as OUTSMART. The concepts of "Future Internet" and "Complete Mobility" search for efficiency, sustainability and economic viability of transport and mobility in a city environment that is increasingly smarter. Furthermore, the development of an innovative approach for modelling congestion, also studied in the project, will help generate cost savings to municipal road maintenance processes, one of the most important tasks in municipal services contracts. Members of Ferrovial’s CI3 team have also highlighted the technical and competitive advantage entailel in piloting the delivery of municipal services using the FI-WIRE programme, currently being developed by Telefonica and directly applicable to the project's objectives. General Assembly and the meeting of the Group of Stakeholders During the General Assembly and the meeting of the project's group of stakeholders, held at Birmingham City Hall, James McKay, Councillor responsible for municipal transport in Birmingham, expressed the city's commitment to the OUTSMART project and invited participants to continue with the developments along these lines and in public/private partnerships, with particular emphasis on collaboration between the City Council and Amey. In relation to the Project, Amey officials have pointed out that OUTSMART is a powerful catalyst for developing more robust ties with the city council and particularly in the field of transport. The OUTSMART project has been a decisive step for Amey to place itself in the forefront of developing the Smart Cities concept The Ferrovial Services subsidiary manages a PFI contract to provide municipal services for 25 years in the city of Birmingham.


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