Infrastructure Assets: 407 Express Toll Route, Canada


    Visit the 407 ETR Website     The 407 ETR has been described as the jewel in the crown of the group's toll road assets. The highway extends 108 km from Burlington in the west, to Pickering in the east, just to the north of Toronto in the state of Ontario, Canada. It provides fast, efficient services to around 370,000 vehicles on a typical workday. Conceived as an alternative route to one of the most congested roads in North America, this fully electronic toll road system operates without the need for toll barriers. The so-called 'freeflow' system allows very high traffic volumes to be handled without long waiting times. Having been honored several times already for its dedication to providing world class customer service, it was recently presented with the 2008 National Award for Innovation and Excellence by the Canadian Council for PPPs. This 99-year concession has been operated and managed by a consortium of companies led by Cintra, since it was leased by the Ontario provincial government in 1999. This benchmark infrastructure concession continues to generate interest from a whole range of parties: customers, competitors and several other groups looking to learn from experiences and best practices. The concession company enjoys full control of the highway and its tolls, provided that traffic volumes are maintained above a certain level. This allows optimisation of the revenues and toll prices to be adjusted according to the time saving offered. In 2007, the 407 ETR represented half of the value of Cintra, with an increase in revenues of more than 11% on the previous year.  


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