The councillor for water, agriculture, livestock and fishing visits the water treatment plant at San Javier


Personal y visitantes durante la visita a la planta en San Javier de Cadagua
The wastewater treatment plant at San Javier, in Murcia (Spain), which was designed and built in 2007 by Cadagua, the company now in charge of operation and maintenance of the plant, was the focus of a visit by Francisco Jódar, councillor for Water, Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing of the Region of Murcia. He was joined by José Miguel Luengo, mayor of San Javier, who praised the excellence of the plant and the high quality of the treated water  All the effluent produced by the treatment plant is reused for watering the crops grown in the area, with up to 3.5 hm3 of high quality water being used in local agriculture. But it is not only the water that is reused. The sludge from the treatment plant is used in agriculture, after undergoing a treatment process which includes microfiltration and UV disinfection 
"We are proud to be working with the Murcia Region’s Sanitation and Wastewater Treatment Company (ESAMUR) in projects such as these, which evidence our commitment to the environment and the local economy through the use of all available resources,”said Pablo Riesco, Cadagua CEO.   
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