The Research Centre for Intelligent Cities in Santander launches its first two projects


The Research Centre for Intelligent Cities in Santander, whose partners include Ferrovial Services, Santander city government, and the University of Cantabria, has announced the launch of its first two research projects: the first will focus on the application of data analytics to the management of municipal services, and the second will evaluate innovative parking models in cities. The first project, entitled Urban Analytical Models, will analyse different families of services over two years, researching the cause-effect relationship between municipal information and efficiency in service delivery. The project will integrate devices and network data from over 12,000 sensors in the city of Santander, and will also track interactions between municipal services. It will focus initially on environmental services. The second project, entitled "Smart Parking", will analyse existing market solutions for on-street parking and seek out new models for providing metered on-street parking services. The analysis will address the technical aspects of service, from a technological, financial and regulatory standpoint. This project will be implemented in 2015. The Research Centre for Intelligent Cities in Santander has also approved the constitution of its governing bodies, the establishment of a technical office in Santander, and hiring of a research team. Research Centre for Intelligent Cities in Santander The Research Centre for Intelligent Cities in Santander engages in R&D in vertical innovation and technology applied to municipal services, with a unique focus on the smart management of information. The centre is being managed by the Ferrovial Services Centre of Excellence for Cities. Along with other programmes such as the Madrid Smart Lab and the Cities Open Challenge, this is part of Ferrovial Services' strategy of developing collaborative programmes with key partners, both public and private, to define and promote innovative municipal services models.  


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