Ferrovial sets up the “Ferrovial Juntos COVID-19” fund, contributing up to €10 million

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Hospital IFEMA
  • The company is initially injecting €5 million into the fund, and will double contributions up to a total of €10 million
  • It is launching a drive to raise funds among employees, directors, shareholders, suppliers, contractors and others
  • Donations will be used to purchase healthcare materials, fund research projects and help vulnerable people

Ferrovial has set up the “Ferrovial Juntos COVID-19” fund, and will contribute up to 10 million euro to help fight the pandemic. The company will make an initial contribution of 5 million euro. At the same time, it has launched a drive to raise funds among employees, directors, shareholders, contractors, suppliers and anyone wishing to donate. The company will double any contributions up to a total contribution of 10 million euro.

“Ferrovial Juntos COVID-19” funds will be donated for specific projects to the healthcare administration, hospitals, universities and research and development centers, as well as NGOs. These projects will be focused on the procurement of healthcare materials and medical equipment, and on research into pharmacological solutions or vaccines to combat the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company will also donate funds to help vulnerable groups and those at risk of exclusion because of the current health crisis. The funds will be allocated with the utmost transparency in terms of beneficiaries and projects.

An account in the name of Ferrovial Holding US.-“Ferrovial Juntos COVID-19” (SWIFT: CPASUS44 ABA/Routing No. 062001186 Account No. 6750651427) has been opened for this purpose at BBVA USA.  In the United Kingdom, an account has been opened at RBS UK in the name of Ferrocorp UK Limited (SWIFT: RBOSGB2L Sort Code: 160400 Account No: 10909432 IBAN: GB52RBOS16040010909432).

Ferrovial will distribute news about the creation of this fund via its website, intranet, social media and the mass media.

Ferrovial has previously undertaken similar actions during humanitarian crisis as part of its program Juntos Sumamos (Stronger Together), in which it doubles donations by its employees.

A commitment to fighting COVID-19

Ferrovial has ordered ventilators and masks, which it expects to arrive in Spain in the next few days, for delivery to the healthcare administration. It also played an active part in setting up the 5,500-bed field hospital at IFEMA, and in developing the “CoronaMadrid” website and app, along with other companies, in partnership with the Madrid Regional Government, to facilitate patient diagnosis and monitoring in order to saturate the healthcare facilities and reduce the numbers requiring emergency care.

The company has also offered to undertake rapid construction of 250-bed emergency hospitals on a pro bono basis and has started to install drive-in testing centers in the Balearic Islands. In Madrid and Santander, it has made 830 parking spaces available free of charge to health workers. Meanwhile, Ferrovial’s engineers are using 3D printing to produce ventilators and masks.


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