Ferrovial is selling its stake in ‘Zity by Mobilize’ to Renault Group

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Zity movilidad sostenible

Ferrovial and Renault Group have reached an agreement to sell the entire 50% of Ferrovial’s stake in Zity by Mobilize to its partner Renault Group. Via Mobilize, Renault Group has decided to pursue its initiatives in terms of responsible and easy-to-access mobility solutions while Ferrovial will continue to focus its investments on activities linked to its core business, the development and operation of sustainable infrastructure.

Zity was founded due to the collaboration between Renault Group and Ferrovial, with the aim to offer innovative services for citizens’ benefit, providing them with a simple, affordable, accessible, and environmentally friendly mobility alternative. The aim of both companies has been to drive and develop new opportunities in the field of sustainable mobility, and to identify trends that would add value to existing transport infrastructures.

Ferrovial and Renault Group have learned a lot about urban mobility trends and have acquired important experience and knowledge that will enable them to adapt and meet specific needs of users.

Zity started its activity in Madrid in 2017 by making 500 electric vehicles available to people. The company has then grown further, extending its presence to the cities of Paris, Lyon, and Milan. As off today, Zity has more than 700,000 registered users with a fleet of 1,440 electric vehicles. Zity’s entire fleet travelled 18 million kilometers in 2022, preventing 1,940 tons of CO2 from ending up in the atmosphere.

Gonzalo Nieto, CEO of Ferrovial Energy Infrastructure and Mobility, explained: “the Zity business with Renault Group as a partner has given us the opportunity to be in direct contact with users’ needs in the field of urban mobility. Having gained this experience, we are going to move forward by developing other activities that have additional synergies with the construction and operation of large-scale sustainable infrastructures”.

Matthieu Tenebaum, Chief Operations Officer of Mobilize Beyond Automotive, adds: “As a brand dedicated to new mobilities within a renowned group, we believe in the need to develop shared mobility solutions that are sustainable, accessible and affordable. We have learned and continue to learn from our two shared mobility offerings, Zity by Mobilize and Mobilize Share. This change will be transparent for Zity customers, and we will naturally continue to offer them the quality of service they deserve.”


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