Ferrovial position on the Amnesty International report on the Nauru RPC

Press releases

In view of the report published today by Amnesty International (AI) in connection with the Nauru RPC, Ferrovial has the following comments:
  • The report adds nothing to the reports released by AI in July and October 2016, titled Island of Despair, since it sets out the same material without any additional contributions.
  • The company considers that AI's comments are gratuitous since it fails to take account of the company's announcement, immediately after acquiring Australian company Broadspectrum, that it would not bid for the contracts when they come up for renewal in October 2017 as they are not part of its strategic business portfolio.
  • The company considers that Broadspectrum is being held responsible for a range of matters well outside its scope, since it does not manage the centres and has no power to decide on the status of the people concerned. It confines itself to providing safe living conditions, covering such aspects as food, housing, education, maintenance and cleaning. This work is similar to that performed in the past by NGOs such as Save the Children and the Salvation Army. The people in question have freedom of movement-they are living in open centres and have access to telecommunications and internet. Many of them have already attained refugee status, they have jobs and are integrated into the community.
  • The RPC has received regular visits from such entities as the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the International Organization for Migration, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and Australia's Ombudsman, among others.
  • In consultation with the centre operators, Broadspectrum is happy to incorporate suggestions to improve conditions in the RPCs and has done this several times. Broadspectrum has repeatedly called on AI to make specific suggestions to improve living conditions, however AI has failed to respond.


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