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21 of January of 2014
  • At Ferrovial we perceive investment in the Community as a strategic instrument for developing society and the area and surroundings where we carry out our corporate activity. For this reason we choose to develop social action projects consistent with our social responsibility for the areas and environments where we do business.We are more than just a simple donor and take an active part in our social activities, providing not only funds but also technical assistance, technology and specialist help in developing projects.At the invitation of the United Nations, the company has focused one facet of its activities on Millennium Development Goals. We see ourselves as a particular reference for Goal no. 8: “Develop a global partnership for development”. For this purpose we have been holding a number of meetings with Spanish Government representatives, the United Nations and various NGOs in order to disseminate our model of public-private partnership. Furthermore, all the development cooperation projects in which we take part respond to several of these goals.

    Our Corporate Responsibility strategy establishes lines of social action, with specific programs, in accordance with our corporate activity:

    • Environment: Carbon footprint, water footprint and energy efficiency.
    • Community: Social Infrastructures, Accessibility to public spaces, Rehabilitation of Buildings.
    • Innovation: Research and Disclosure.

    We work with reputated organizations in order to ensure that our standards of good governance and transparency are matched by the counterparts with which we have chosen to collaborate.

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