Ferrovial and DXC Technology to drive Generative AI in collaboration with Microsoft

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Acuerdo Quercus entre Ferrovial y DXC

Ferrovial has teamed up with U.S. technology consulting firm DXC Technology to jointly develop the platform known as Quercus to accelerate and scale the adoption of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) across the infrastructure company’s businesses and assets. DXC will oversee maintaining, developing, and marketing Quercus, which is based on a Ferrovial Generative AI project. Microsoft will provide the technology base for scaling up the platform.

Quercus consists of a set of technology components and business logic that will serve as the basis for scaling the use of AI and building stable, fast and effective solutions for all types of companies and industries. It includes the necessary technical components to ensure data security and privacy, the ability to integrate with other systems, and coordination between different Generative Artificial Intelligence models.

Because of its development capacity, Quercus will enable companies to reduce the time associated with the creation of new solutions adapted to their needs.

The first version of the platform has already enabled Ferrovial to offer a marketplace of Generative AI solutions, including an assistant for common tasks that can be used by any employee or by Human Resources and Cybersecurity specialists.

“The journey has only just begun. In cooperation with DXC and with Microsoft’s technology, Ferrovial expects to roll this technology out in dozens of cases. Quercus will be very beneficial in optimizing processes, generating designs, simplifying applications for worker health and safety, and, generally, improving its operations,” said Dimitris Bountolos, CIIO of Ferrovial, at the signature of the agreement in Madrid. The event was also attended by DXC Technology Global CEO, Raul Fernandez, DXC Technology Europe president, Juan Parra, and Microsoft Spain President, Alberto Granados.

From its Artificial Intelligence Centre of Excellence in Santiago de Compostela (Spain), DXC will drive the evolution, maintenance, and commercialization of the platform for third parties, supported by Microsoft technology.

“The agreement with Ferrovial marks a milestone in the advancement of AI-supported business services. This unique collaboration promises to revolutionize the way technology solutions are developed and applied in the field of Generative AI. DXC is confident of the value that the Quercus platform will provide to our customers by enabling them to accelerate innovation and improve the profitability and efficiency of their businesses, giving them a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace,” said Juan Parra, Market Leader of DXC Europe.

The support of Microsoft will enable the platform to expand and gain in versatility, which will benefit other companies that decide to use it.

“Microsoft has strategic relationships with both Ferrovial and DXC, and we are very pleased to work with both companies on this initiative based on our Responsible AI technology. To ensure that the technology is integrated into our society both effectively and ethically, we believe that AI solutions must be designed and deployed bearing in mind critical aspects such as security, privacy, reliability, fairness, inclusiveness, accountability and transparency,” said Alberto Granados, President of Microsoft Spain.

Ferrovial’s experience using Quercus to develop and deploy Generative AI solutions will serve to improve the platform’s performance and identify best practices that can be applied by other companies in a range of industries.


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