Pay the parking meter from your mobile with Bip&Drive


Ferrovial autopista del sol en Malaga
Bip&Drive, is a toll collection company in which Cintra, has an interest. It enables users to pay parking meters in 60 Spanish locations from their mobile, thanks to an agreement signed with the Telpark application.
Madrid, Valencia, Málaga and Palma de Mallorca are some of the cities where over half a million Bip&Drive customers will be able to use this service. Bip&Drive has become the first remote toll collection service company. Not only can you pay motorway tolls automatically and without stopping, but you can also pay parking meters from your mobile, extend parking time remotely, cancel fines or locate your vehicle. All Bip&Drive users have to do is download the Telpark APP in their mobile devices. It's as simple as that.

About Bip&Drive

Via-T is the name of the interoperable electronic toll system installed on all motorway toll roads in Spain and Portugal, and now France too.  Via-T enables you to pay tolls without stopping your vehicle, all you need is a Via-T Bip&Drive device installed on your windscreen. Vehicles equipped with a Via-T Bip&Drive can use the toll roads to go through toll stations equipped with the system. The bip&drive app used for toll roads


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