Ferrovial maintains close links with Poland through a working breakfast with the country’s ambassador to Spain


ferrovial in poland

Ferrovial recently organised a breakfast meeting with the ambassador of Poland in Spain. Present at the meeting were Alejandro de la Joya, CEO of Ferrovial Agroman, and Santiago Olivares, CEO of Ferrovial Services.

Together with Voz Pópuli and Executive Forum, Ferrovial organised a breakfast meeting with Ms. Marzenna Adamczyk, Polish ambassador to Spain. The meeting was held in Madrid’s Palace Hotel, and was attended by Alejandro de la Joya, CEO of Ferrovial Agroman, and Santiago Olivares, CEO of Ferrovial Services.

Alejandro de la Joya was in charge of opening the meeting and introducing the ambassador. In his speech he referred to the “close political, financial and cultural ties” between Spain and Poland, and highlighted the high level international summits held by the two countries every year.

Ambassador Adamczyk summarised Poland’s evolution over its most recent period in history, since the fall of communism in 1989 to the present day. Despite difficult beginnings, progress, according to Adamczyk, has been very positive. In relation to Spanish investment in Poland, she said: “Spain is a truly loved country in Poland”, and spoke in favour of regional cooperation. Moreover, she singled out the IT sector as a potential investment area, together with hybrid cars and telemedicine. She also declared that it would be highly beneficial to have a Spanish presence in the tourism sector, in order to learn from a country with such a good performance in this field.

Ferrovial in Poland

Ferrovial has been operating in Poland since 2000, when it acquired a majority holding in Budimex, the largest building sector company in Poland in terms of size and stock market value. Ferrovial Services also has a wide presence in Poland, working mainly through its subsidiary FBSerwis.

FBSerwis is a joint-venture with Budimex, the largest construction company in Poland and part of Ferrovial. FBSerwis activities cover the whole range of services provided by Ferrovial Services. Examples of major contracts are the maintenance of the Warsaw national stadium, maintenance of the A4 highway, and conservation of the S7- highway.


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