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Workday’s Human Capital Management (HCM) system will replace many of Ferrovial’s existing global HR management systems to enhance the employee experience and digitalize Ferrovial’s HR processes.

WORKDAY employee benefits

The system will be accessible around the clock from anywhere via a mobile device.

HR department procedures will be faster and more straightforward.

Integrated access to development and training platforms.

Suggestions for training content and positions within the organization as part of the Career Plan.

Digitalization of day-to-day human resources processes: vacations, leaves of absence, updating of personal/family information, etc.

WORKDAY manager benefits

Real-time information on the status of selection processes: automated interview management, candidate feedback, etc.

More efficient management of training and team development based on integrated analytics.

Ability to give and receive continuous feedback.

Workforce planning: Managers have access to an integrated calendar with information on all team members (vacations, leaves of absence, etc.).


The application will expedite all HR operations and enhance the quality of business decision making.

This will facilitate professional mobility and career development, and provide information that will enable better people management decisions, … If the ‘human factor’ is the basis of the company’s development, any initiative to improve and simplify the employee experience becomes essential. Now, a single channel can provide answers to such questions as “How much vacation time do I have left?”, “Can I request an advance on my paycheck?” or “Is there a project management course I can take?” That is the goal of Workday’s HCM solution, which has been selected as the human resources management system for its ability to enable real-time, data-driven decision making.

Its live data provides an overview of the workforce and makes it possible to integrate the full range of processes, such as recruitment and hiring, induction, eLearning, talent, compensation, surveys and personnel administration, in a single application. This not only accelerates all HR processes but also enhances the quality of business decisions based on data. The implementation of Workday’s HCM will improve the employee experience in dealing with Human Resources processes.

Enhancing talent management, employee experience and data-driven decision making is vital for our ability to attract and retain the best people,” said Alejandro Serrano, Director of Talent and Engagement. Gema Díaz, HR Systems Manager: “We selected Workday because we wanted a system that would enhance and simplify the experience for our professionals and focus on them. Now, everything is integrated into a single tool that ensures data consistency.”

Workday HCM will replace many of the human resources systems currently in place at the corporate and local level (Bridge, Talent Link, ApplicantPro, E-Academy, etc.) with a solution that is more in line with the company’s current needs. The solution also offers proven efficacy: Workday has a high level of market penetration with very high levels of user satisfaction and it is the preferred tool of 40% of Fortune 500 companies. Its simplicity, automation and standardization will enhance our corporate culture.

The project began in late March 2021. After an assessment of the needs expressed by the various businesses and countries, testing began at the end of 2021 the software  solution is expected to be operational by the last quarter of 2022. Workday HCM will benefit all of Ferrovial’s businesses and geographies as digitalization will enhance efficiency and drive new ways of working.


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