Cibersecurity: More and better security in an increasingly connected world



Ferrovial’s new suite of cybersecurity solutions will further strengthen its capabilities. State-of-the-art technology working for everyone, all the time.

From opening e-mail at the beginning of the day, through using a search engine or a work application, to the most complex processes in a large company such as Ferrovial, phishing, malware and ransomware pose a continuous threat. The group’s cybersecurity teams work around the clock to address these threats and protect personal and professional data, under a strategic plan for prevention and, where appropriate, response and recovery.

The ongoing digital transformation entails an exponential increase in cybersecurity risks, with cyber threats and cyber attacks as two of the main factors to be addressed. This is done at all levels of Ferrovial, in collaboration with institutions such as Spain’s National Cryptology Center (CCN), which is part of the National Intelligence Center, and the Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE), exchanging cyberintelligence information, indicators of compromise, and prevention and response procedures.

Within this framework of high-level institutional collaboration, incidents are managed in real time to provide the most effective response as quickly as possible.

2022 will be the year in which we consolidate an integrated platform based on a native holistic vision of security in critical corporate and business services, focusing particularly on identity and data protection, shielding the collaborative work environment — from workstation to cloud.

Faced with this challenge, Ferrovial has adopted measures that are appropriate to an organization of its size, incorporating capabilities for analyzing large volumes of information and behavior patterns to enable the detection of anomalies, and automating and orchestrating predefined responses.

Attempts to steal user identities and activity detected from unusual locations or at unusual hours are some examples of what is monitored every day.

Oversight of identity and digital behavior, as well as advanced protection of technology infrastructure and connectivity to and from the internet, are just some of the security capabilities that have been evolved and enhanced using a cloud-first approach (security for the cloud and from the cloud).

Security is something that concerns everyone: consequently, the initiative includes information and awareness campaigns to ensure that cybersecurity is a horizontal concern in all the Group’s departments, in every workplace. More connected and more protected at the same time.



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