Pangea or the importance of exploting the value of data


Data Pangea

Data collection and analysis are now strategic for decision-making and process optimization in any large company. For this reason, more and more organizations seek to be ‘data-driven’.

Ferrovial’s business is increasingly, inexorably, based on thousands, if not millions, of items of internal and external data. This information affects all the company’s personnel and analyzing it is a vector for decisions, even more so when the data is of high quality (due to its content) and understanding is facilitated without the need to rely on third parties for interpretation.

Pangea is a new program in the world of digital transformation that will facilitate data management thanks to the organization’s first data catalog, which functions as a “library”: using a simple web interface, the data relating to the most strategic processes, which is stored in different geographies, can be queried in a centralized way (as if a large “library” were connected to many others automatically and transparently).

Each book is recorded by title and author, with a brief summary of its contents. The domain of the data or aggregated data sets within the catalog will allow anyone to easily interpret the type of information and contact its “author” (owner) to request additional information. Each data domain has a description of its contents and a Ferrovial person to contact in case of queries.

Just as we attach credibility to an article based on the source, so too in a data catalog you need to know the source or some other indicator on the basis of which to trust the content. There are many such indicators, and Pangea defines best practices to ensure that each source carries standardized attributes that make it possible to gauge and assess the quality. Growth will be articulated through a data mesh architecture, which facilitates the collection, labeling, publication and cataloging of information from any system. In addition, it will be possible to monetize some of this data externally.

If 2021 was a year in which all the businesses contributed to identifying and conceptualizing their most strategic data from a business point of view, in 2022 the catalog will grow in content and functionality — not only in data discovery but also in data access — so that any data analytics and any project or product can be implemented in less time and with a greater assurance of quality, security and accessibility.

An exciting and ambitious program that positions Ferrovial as a leading data-driven company within and beyond its industry.




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