Safetylab: Technology supporting safety


LA tecnología como la mejor aliada de la se

Artificial intelligence, big data and virtual reality are even more important when applied to the safety of our employees and those who use our infrastructure. Ferrovial sees health and safety as one of the core features of its strategy, with prevention (i.e. anticipating risk) as a key element. To strengthen its corporate safety culture, the company created SafetyLab.

Technology and awareness-raising, machines and humans… The initiative combines technological advances with awareness-raising messages in a collaborative environment that encourages the sharing of knowledge, experiences, challenges and innovative solutions between the businesses. SafetyLab offers the opportunity to test solutions to high-risk situations in order to prevent them from happening.

This innovation initiative, which covers more than 15 projects across all business units, includes developments such as Safework, created with Comnovo GmbH, a developer of technical solutions for safety. As one-third of serious construction accidents involve vehicles, Safework uses a vehicle-installed device to increase the field of vision for machinery operators and time. Tested at Madrid Adolfo Suárez Barajas airport’s Terminal 4, the system helps machinery avoid collisions and other accidents by providing drivers with valuable information about the vehicle’s blind spots. It also provides concise distraction-free information about what is happening around the vehicle, including visual and audible alerts. Wearable devices also warn workers on the ground of the presence of machinery in the vicinity.

In cooperation with Light Flex, a company specializing in smart garments, Ferrovial has developed a wearable device that increases worker visibility far beyond what the conventional high visibility jacket provides. Using active LED lighting, the device improves visibility by 700%, from 50 to 350 meters. This project, called Active Light, also includes an SOS device using a GPS location service: if a worker suffers an accident, the control center is notified within five seconds. This vest has already been tested on the A-66 highway in Zamora and will be rolled out to other concessions.

Guardhat is another project Ferrovial is working on to prevent accidents.  It uses helmet-mounted cameras to enable anyone to see what is happening on-site. It is linked to the Peer Review project, which fits hardhats with a microphone and headphones that enable the wearer to make audio and video calls and take photos and videos. The device also detects if the wearer falls down and can automatically call emergency services and alert co-workers. The emergency team can be notified within 20 seconds to respond. The system has already been used in the construction of the Fractal Rivas hotel in Madrid.

Since awareness is vital to achieving safe environments, the company has launched the VR Training Awareness initiative. Developed in partnership with Ludus, it consists of training courses using virtual reality for all types of risk situations. Virtual reality enables trainees to experience real risk situations and acquire the necessary knowledge to stay safe.

Safety is a core value of Ferrovial. Technology can play a key role in reducing workplace accidents. These tools, coupled with raised awareness, will improve workers’ well-being and their ability to respond to emerging events, putting us on track to reaching our goal of every employee going home safe and sound after their work day.

The initiative combines technological progress with awareness-raising in a collaborative environment.


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