Modernisation of LCS Kutno on the E-20 Railway Line Finished Ahead of Schedule


Photo of a train, tracks, catenary and 2 operators

The ZUE – Budimex – Strabag consortium has finished modernisation of LCS Kutno (the Żychlin-Barłogi stretch) on the E-20 railway line 8 days ahead of schedule.

The activities carried out by Budimex SA included work at the Zamków rail yard, the Barłogi station, and the Barłogi route at the LCS Kutno border.

Construction started in April 2017. The work required a complete line closure, and traffic was rerouted on a detour and on special buses. In order to minimize the duration of these alternate routes, construction was carried out 24 hours a day. During this time, the track and ground reinforcement were disassembled, and a new surface 18 km long was built. The disassembly and reassembly of interchanges were also carried out.

“In addition, we laid 27 km of a new traction network and built a new building to house the control room, from which we launched a computerized railway traffic control system along with the connection with a new line block”

“Cooperation between companies from the consortium ran smoothly. We were all keen to finish our activities as soon as possible and reopen the route. Thanks to proper organization and around-the-clock work, we put the track into operation on June 9, one week before the contractual deadline”

The Warszawa – Poznań Route in just over 2 hours

After finishing all construction on railway line no. 3, it will be possible for passenger trains to move at a speed of 160 km/h and for freight trains to travel at 120 km/h. The new platforms will allow service to improve, and traffic management from Local Control Centers will increase line capacity. According to PKP PLK forecasts, the travel time between Poznań and Warsaw will be 2 hours and 20 minutes by 2020.

Budimex SA for the railway

Budimex SA is currently one of the top three largest railway contractors. Projects overseen by the company include reconstruction of the Olszamowice station and modernization of the railway line in Warsaw. For the latter contract, Budimex SA was awarded the title of “Diamond of Infrastructure and Construction 2018” („Diament Infrastruktury i Budownictwa 2018”) in railway construction. Other contributions to this sector performed by the company include modernization of railway line number 7 (Otwock-Dęblin), reconstruction of the E59 railway line (Rokietnica-Wronki), and construction on LCS Idzikowice. Those three contracts will end in 2020. The company is facing new challenges: in March of this year, Budimex SA was chosen as the contractor for the Gdynia Port Station. The venture is to be carried out as part of improvements to railway access to the seaport in Gdynia.



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