Cintra participated in a forum about the future of transportation in Fort Worth, Texas.

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Alberto González Laluez, CEO of NTEMP, NTEMP SEGMENTS 3 AND LBJIG participated in the event  LEADERSHIP FORT WORTH 2019 to discuss about innovation and the future of transportation in the north of Texas.

Other notable leaders were Jungus Jordan, District 6 Fort Worth City Councilmanas the moderator, and the panelists Laney Schorp, Regional Lead for Via Transportation; Steven Duong, Associate VP of Design & Planning at AECOM; and Michael Morris, Director of Transportation for the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG).

The state of Texas has become a leader in the transportation industry, an example for other states that are working to solve traffic problems as well. When panelists discussed the evolution of transportation systems in the region, the general consensus was that in the future transportation will be viewed more as a utility much like our electricity and water. In theory, these different methods of transportation such as public transit, Managed Lanes, ride-share, Hyperloop, etc. should all work together seamlessly to improve the quality of life in the region and in the nation.

Other topics discussed were communication and technology advancements in which all the different transportation options will connect seamlessly; the safety of autonomous vehicles; the status of the Hyperloop; rideshare and how Managed Lanes have aided in traffic and congestion relief.

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Alberto Gonzalez spoke about the importance of the TEXpress Lanes and he addressed that these projects have helped provide a solution to the traffic congestion that is ever growing in North Texas and emphasized that,

“It’s a choice. We’re providing an option to users. The free lanes, non-tolled lanes, are still available, actually reconstructed and with better conditions than they were before.”

Duong envisions that transportation in the future as ,

“Something working in the background of a life, meaning, if you need to get somewhere, you don’t have to worry how to get there or what type of transportation you need to take…”

Morris also spoke about how the North Texas region is now and will continue to lead in national transportation technology, a key element when you have over 7.5 million people living in the region. The advancements will also attract bigger and more advanced companies ultimately boosting our economic development throughout.

The Director of Transportation for the North Central Texas Council of Governments talked about the fatality rate in transportation, about 40,000 a year and how,

“We take our cellphones and do really stupid things while we’re going 70 miles an hour.”

He thinks that autonomous vehicles will help save lives and improve overall safety on our roads. Duong chimed in and said he believes that autonomous vehicles are expected to save around 20,000 lives a year.

During his speech, Steven Duong, discussed the advanced high-speed transportation system known as the Hyper-Loop. He explained how it worked and described it as “a magnet that goes into a near-vacuum tube and then you put yourself in that pod and sling yourself off to your next destination at about 650 miles per hour.”

Finally, Laney Schorp explained how shared rides will help,

“Fill the first and last mile gaps” in transportation. In the midst of all the advancements with electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles, he hopes to “power the world’s most efficient, convenient, affordable shared rides.”


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