A/RporTWIN: the next digital twin platform for Aberdeen Airport.


  • AGS, the company that works with Ferrovial on managing Aberdeen airport, will integrate the next-gen A/RporTWIN platform.
  • This tool will act as a single source of information for airport operators. Some of its most notable features are compatibility with VR/AR technologies and third-party data integration.

A/RporTWIN is a common data analysis and visualization tool for airport infrastructure managers. It will bring together different sources of information that are useful during daily operations.

It offers a virtual 3D representation of the processes and dynamics of a physical airport. It also serves as a test platform to optimize the various services provided, resulting in minimal inconvenience for customers.

A/RporTWIN will be the next-generation solution for digital twins for airports:

  • It will include standard third-party data streams and internal data sources in real-time.
  • Not only will it be compatible with standard 2D visualization tools, but it will also operate with AR/VR.
  • It will use analytical tools and simulation technology that will assess the scope of development at full scale.

This tool is a competitive advantage in optimizing airport performance, and it will impact the design, construction, and operation of future facilities.

A/RporTWIN was developed through the joint effort of the consortium composed of CI3 (Center for the Innovation of Intelligent Infrastructures), UPM, KTH, and AGS, as well as Ferrovial’s collaboration and support from EIT Digital.



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