Ferrovial Services and Iberia Are Committing to Sustainability by Installing a New Charging Station for Electric Vehicles


image of an electric car charging at a point of Iberia and Ferrovial

Ferrovial Services and Iberia have put together a collaborative project that demonstrates the commitment to sustainability and care for the environment upheld by both companies.

It involved installing two prototype charging stations for electric cars that are free in Iberia’s Service Center building in La Muñoza. This pilot experience is already available to Iberia employees and their customers.

The station can charge four vehicles simultaneously, and it stays in operation 24 hours a day. This initiative seeks to encourage the use of electric cars among Iberia employees, who won’t have to worry about the vehicle’s driving range since they can recharge during the work day.

One of the great challenges of the ecological transition that Spain is attempting to take on in the coming years is the progressive adoption of renewable energies. Electric vehicles are one of the main initiatives on this front with a growing presence on the market, which is why companies like Ferrovial Services and Iberia are working to incorporate them.

The contract that the company has with Iberia includes providing maintenance, cleaning, and gardening services for the airport and industrial areas, the airline’s cargo terminal, and Iberia Airlines’ main headquarters. The agreement is national in scope, primarily emphasizing the operations carried out at the facilities in Madrid and Barcelona. Overall, the company is responsible for over 40 buildings spread out over more than 350 thousand square meters, as well as maintenance for 250 thousand square meters of gardens.

A notable part of this project is the diversification of facilities used for providing maintenance for the airline’s aircraft and engines. This contract is based on offering quality service for service-level agreements and service indicators, which measure response times for addressing warnings, complying with preventive maintenance, and the availability of production facilities.

The company is responsible for several unique facilities:

  • 120 crane bridges and hoists.
  • 12 hangar baskets for aircraft maintenance.
  • 4 robotized facilities for storage and palletizing air cargo.
  • 22 cooling plants.
  • 42 transformers.
  • 18 boilers.
  • 270 circulating pumps.
  • 38 hangar doors.


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