Ferrovial Services renews its urban cleaning contract in Villanueva de la Cañada


An urban waste management truck in Villanueva de la Cañada

Ferrovial services has renewed its cleaning contract for street, collection, transport and elimination of domestic waste and management of the clean point in Villanueva de la Cañada (Madrid).

The new service has been adjudicated for a period of 4 years. Standing out among the principal changes is the rise in workers, the increase in the capacity of the new containers, as well as the incorporation of non-contaminating, electrical vehicles and machinery.

Improvements to the service

From now on, the workforce will be composed of 32 workers instead of 27. The new trucks will collect the rubbish in an automated way, thereby, requiring only a driver, who can use a joystick from the cabin and direct the crane to the container, with the rest of the movements (unloading and positioning) being completely automated. This collection system, named “Superior Bilateral Loading”, has also permitted the reorganisation of the workforce, as previously, each truck required 3 people. Now, two of those will be assigned to street cleaning. This will permit the assignation of one street sweeper to each of the 8 zones that the municipality has been divided into. Depending on the zone, said workers will clean various times a day (commercial areas or areas of great public affluence) or at the least once every two days (residential areas).

Regarding material resources, the vehicle float and machinery have been renewed so that the new service includes 5 collection trucks/rubbish compactors; 2 trucks with chains for loading container boxes; 2 trucks with elevation loading tools and 2 open back trucks. Added to these for street cleaning are; 4 sweepers, 4 blowers, 7 bicycles and 2 trucks. The vast majority are electric, thereby avoiding acoustic contamination.

Furthermore, the new containers for the collection of different waste (organic; plastic; tins and cartons; paper and cardboard; garden waste and glass) will triple the capacity of those which existed previously, in addition, they will have a more aesthetic and homogeneous appearance. In the case of organic and plastic waste, the containers will have an automatic lid and a pedal for opening. Also, some underground container islands will be substituted for the new ones on the surface.


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