ZITY has arrived: the new generation of electric car sharing


Zity Carsharing Madrid
  • ZITY has a fleet of 500 electric vehicles which are all zero emissions: the Renault ZOE 40.
  • The service will cost the extremely low rate of 0.07 €/minute to leave the car parked while not losing the rental.
  • Users can travel throughout the Community of Madrid and complete service within the M-30 and surrounding areas, with a total perimeter of 75 km².

After a period of internal testing of the service throughout the Community of Madrid, ZITY is officially available.

The ZITY application is now available to download for free at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store , and allows both rental and keyless opening and closing of the vehicle.

The 500 Renault ZOE is already on the streets of Madrid and since they are 100% zero emissions electric vehicles, users are exempt from payment in parking areas restricted by the Regulated Parking Service (SER).

In the same way, ZITY vehicles can travel through Residential Priority Areas (R.P.A.) of the central zone of Madrid and during high pollution episodes. The service is not impacted by the ban on parking in plazas and regulated parking service schedules (known as SER in Spanish) nor due to traffic limitations for 50% of the vehicles inside the Central Almond.


ZITY will have three rates available to cover 3 different need types as well as special launch prices.

  • Standard: It starts once the user enters the vehicle and starts up the engine and costs € 0.21/min while the car is in use.
  • Standby: .07 €/min Beginning when the user opens the vehicle door and until the engine starts and each time the user parks and activates and deactivates it using the app.
  • Daily: A flat rate of 55 Euros for continuous use for 24 hours.


This modality allows the user to move freely through any area within the Community of Madrid, with the certainty that they will have a ZITY to be able to get back.

ZITY users can make a stop along the way or as many stops as they want without losing their rental. The only requirement is that the rental begins and ends within the ZITY Service Zone.

Thus, for example, a user can start their rental in Las Tablas, arrive at Pozuelo’s Kinepolis, activate Standby mode, go to the cinema and return for under € 13 (Tickets and popcorn not included).

Or for example, you could rent it in La Latina and go to a meeting in Alcobendas, with the peace of mind that, when your meeting is over, you will have your ZITY waiting for you to go back.

Alternatively, you can even rent the vehicle and make shopping or dining stops or whatever you need without losing the rental.

To activate it, the user must park the vehicle correctly, get out and select in the app Parking / Continue. Then the rate changes from € 0.21 / min to € 0.07 / min. To resume the rental, all the user needs to do is open the app and select Park / Continue, and then the standard rate will be switched on again. The user can activate Standby mode as many times as he wants with the same rental. When you are done, you must park correctly, get out of the vehicle and select End rental in the app.



The cars will be able to travel around the entire community of Madrid, but the rental must end within the ZITY Service Zone.

This zone includes the entire radius of the M-30 and surrounding neighbourhoods such as San Chinarro, Las Tablas, Hortaleza, Barrio de la Concepción, Quintana, Pueblo Nuevo and part of Peñagrande and Mirasierra.

In total, 75 Km². You can consult the service area in detail via this link .



  • Greater capacity: Five seats and ample luggage compartment in a compact vehicle.
  • More independence: By having up to 400 kilometres approved, vehicles can reach and return to any point in the community of Madrid. In addition, greater independence means less frequent recharging, which will always enable more vehicles to become available.
  • More ECO: The ZITY fleet is zero emissions. In addition, and thanks to Iberdrola, all the energy used to recharge vehicles is certified with 100% electricity originating from renewable energy sources.
  • More Safety: Vehicles certified with 5 Stars EURO NCAP, which is the highest certification in terms of safety and ISOFIX anchorages.
  • More comfort: Mobile phone chargers, rear-view camera, proximity sensors, GPS and touchscreen, speed regulators and cruise control.
  • More freedom: No registration fees, no deposit in the register. And without keys, ZITY cars are started directly from the Start/Stop button on the dashboard.



ZITY is a project that combines Ferrovial’s capabilities in the field of urban services and the development of solutions that respect the environment; together with the experience of Renault, leader in sales of electric vehicles in Europe and a benchmark leader in terms of sustainable transport.


Ferrovial is one of the main global operators of infrastructures and managers of services to cities, committed to the development of sustainable solutions. The company has 97,000 employees and a presence in twenty countries. Its areas of activity are focused on: Highways , Services , Construction and Airports . The company is listed on the IBEX 35, is part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and FTSE4Good sustainability indices . It applies  the United Nations Global Compact , principles in all its operations and the company signed this agreement in 2002  .


Renault offers a complete range of 100% electric and zero emissions vehicles for use, both CO2 and nitrogen dioxide, which are also noise and odour free. Since they started to be sold in 2011, more than 100,000 units have been sold in Europe and they are the leading brand in this sector. Currently, one in four 100% electric vehicles sold in Europe is a Renault, and ZOE is Europe’s best-selling model. Meanwhile, Kangoo ZE is also the best-selling 100% electric commercial vehicle in Europe.

In Spain, Renault was the leader in 2016 with 17.1% penetration in the total 100% electric market, made up of passenger cars, commercial vehicles and quadricycles. Kangoo ZE has also been the best selling zero emission commercial vehicle. In total, more than 4,000 units of 100% electric Renault models have been sold since they began to be sold in Spain in 2012.


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