Ferrovial increased EBITDA by 7.7% in like-for-like terms to €728 million in 2022

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Autopista I-66
  • Solid traffic performance on 407 ETR, producing double-digit growth in revenue and EBITDA. Very strong growth on the managed lanes. NTE, NTE 35W and I-77 exceeded pre-pandemic traffic levels.
  • Heathrow registered the highest traffic growth among the world’s major airports.
  • Construction performance was driven notably by Budimex. The division’s backlog reached a record €14,743 million, not including €915 million in pre-assigned contracts
  • Ferrovial collected €475 million in dividends from infrastructure assets in which it holds a stake and allocated €856 million to capital expenditure.
  • The Board of Directors will propose a flexible dividend program for a maximum amount of €0.715, in two tranches
  • The Board of Directors approved to propose to the General Meeting the merger of Ferrovial, S.A. into its subsidiary Ferrovial International SE. This means that the parent company of the Ferrovial group will become a European public limited company (“Societas Europaea”) in the Netherlands.

Ferrovial, the sustainable infrastructure company, increased EBITDA to €728 million in 2022. That is a 7.7% improvement in like-for-like terms on the previous year. Revenue increased by 4.2% in like-for-like terms to €7,551 million in 2022. These figures reflect good performance by the Toll Roads division, particularly a larger contribution from the managed lanes in the USA. Net profit amounted to €186 million as extraordinary items were lower this year.

Ferrovial continued to evidence its sound financial position based on a strong liquidity position of €6,118 million and a robust net cash position of €1,439 million, excluding infrastructure projects. Cash consumption was shaped by the €856 million invested in the I-66, NTE 3C, and in New Terminal One at JFK, the acquisition of a 60% stake in Dalaman Airport and the increase in the stake in I-77, as well as higher shareholder remuneration, partly offset by dividends from infrastructure assets.

In the full year, Ferrovial collected €475 million in dividends from infrastructure projects in which it holds a stake. Canadian highway 407 ETR distributed CAD 750 million, of which Ferrovial received €237 million, while it collected €123 million from the Texan toll roads. The Construction backlog reached €14,743 million, an all-time record, not including approximately €915 million in pre-assigned contracts.

Operating performance

Highway 407 ETR registered strong growth in traffic after mobility restrictions were lifted. Specifically, traffic increased by 30.5% year-on-year, resulting in growth of 29.7% in revenue and 32.6% in EBITDA. The managed lanes in the USA matched or exceeded their pre-pandemic levels. Traffic increased by 9.2% at NTE and 7.3% at LBJ but fell 2.2% at NTE 35W due to the effect of the NTE 3C extension work.

The increase in average tolls also contributed to double-digit growth in revenue: 29.6% at NTE, 18.2% at NTE 35W, and 20% at LBJ. I-77 continued to improve, with revenue up 66.6% on 18.7% growth in traffic. Those assets also achieved sizeable growth in EBITDA: 30.4% at NTE, 16.4% at NTE 35W, 24.8% at LBJ, and 90.8% at I-77.

In the Airports division, traffic rebounded in the United Kingdom after mobility restrictions were lifted. Heathrow tripled passenger numbers in 2022 to 61.6 million in total. This was the largest increase in traffic among the world’s leading airports. Most of the demand continues to be for leisure trips to other countries, although a recovery is visible in business travel and incoming flights. AGS benefited from this dynamic, and traffic surged by +164%, which was also reflected in revenue. Dalaman also registered solid performance after it was consolidated in the third quarter, having practically doubled passenger numbers to 4.5 million.

Main events in the period

With the goal of generating value through investment opportunities, the company undertook transactions in the Toll Roads and Airports divisions, including the acquisition of a stake in the New Terminal One project at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. Ferrovial reached an agreement to acquire a stake in the New Terminal One (NTO) concession company, which is developing a 230,000 square meter infrastructure. With a 49% indirect stake, Ferrovial is the largest shareholder in the consortium. The acquisition of 60% of the company managing the concession for Dalaman International Airport in Turkey was completed in 2022. The deal was worth €146 million. The company also increased its stake in I-77, in North Carolina, USA, to 72.24%.

As for divestments, an agreement was reached to sell Amey to a UK company controlled by One Equity Partners and Buckthorn Partners for €301 million. This practically completed the divestment of Ferrovial Services. Within that process, the sale of the Infrastructure Services business in Spain to Portobello Capital for €175 million was also completed in 2022. A 15% stake in Ausol was sold to French infrastructure fund Meridiam for €110.8 million during the year.

Major developments include being selected to design, build and finance a section of Toronto subway (Canada), the largest project undertaken to date by Ferrovial Construction. Ferrovial was also awarded the Coffs Harbour Bypass in New South Wales (Australia), with a reference value of AUD 2,200 million, equivalent to about €1,400 million, and contracts to widen four highways in Texas worth USD 340 million (equivalent to approximately €332 million). The I-66 managed lanes toll road in Virginia, which represents an investment of USD 3,600 million, was opened to traffic.

Business units

Toll Road revenue increased by 22.4% in like-for-like terms to €780 million due to solid growth on the US toll roads, where both traffic and revenue increased sharply. The United States accounts for 78.3% of this division’s revenue. EBITDA increased by 21.6% like-for-like to €550 million.

In the Airports division, Heathrow doubled revenue to GBP 2,913 million, while adjusted EBITDA amounted to GBP 1,684 million. AGS also achieved very strong revenue growth: +92.4%. Good traffic performance plus growth in retail sales resulted in Dalaman reporting €44 million in revenue between July and December, following acquisition and consolidation of the stake.

Construction revenue increased by 2.2% in like-for-like terms, supported by the Polish subsidiary. Overseas markets accounted for 84% of total revenue. The division’s EBIT amounted to €63 million, compared with €132 million in 2021, because of the impact of inflation on the prices of supplies and subcontracts, partly offset by price review formulas and positive performance at Budimex. The EBIT margin stood at 1.0%.

The Board of Directors approved to propose to the General Shareholders’ Meeting the merger of Ferrovial, S.A. into its subsidiary Ferrovial International SE.

On February 28th, the Board of Directors approved to propose to the General Shareholders’ Meeting the merger of Ferrovial, S.A. into its wholly-owned subsidiary Ferrovial International SE. This means that the parent company of the Ferrovial group will become a European public limited company (“Societas Europaea”) domiciled in the Netherlands. After the merger, the parent company will continue to be listed in Spain and will also be listed in the Netherlands. It will subsequently apply for listing in the United States.

This reorganization, which only affects the group’s parent company, is driven by the growing internationalization of Ferrovial, which has the largest volume of its activity abroad. In 2022, 82% of the group’s revenues and nearly 96% of its equity value came from its international business, while more than 90% of its institutional investors were international entities.

The corporate reorganization has been designed to keep employment, activity, and investments in Spain intact, with no material tax impact for the group. Shareholders will have a right of withdrawal on the terms set out by applicable law. The decision will be submitted to the General Shareholders’ Meeting for approval.

More information about the terms and implementation of the merger on the group’s website.

Flexible dividend

The Board of Directors approved to propose to the General Shareholders’ Meeting a flexible dividend program equivalent to a total dividend of approximately €0.715 per share, potentially amounting to at most €520 million, in two tranches.

ESG developments: New human rights policy

Sustainability continues to be one of the company’s core values. This is evidenced by the fact that Ferrovial is the first infrastructure company to be certified in accordance with AENOR’s Good Corporate Governance Index (GCGI). During the year, the Board of Directors also reviewed the company’s human rights policy, which covers aspects such as the right to disconnect, and respect for indigenous peoples. It also approved the diversity and inclusion policy.

Heathrow continues to promote the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Ferrovial was one of the first companies to submit its Climate Strategy and GHG emission reduction plan to a vote at its 2022 Shareholders’ Meeting. Both were approved by a majority.

Additionally, in 2022 Ferrovial strengthened its position in the main sustainability indexes, including DJSI, FTSE4Good, CDP, Vigeo, Stoxx, ISS ESG, and GRESB, and it was included in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index for the third consecutive year.



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