2nd anniversary Foro de Reputación Corporativa signs an agreement with the Reputation Institute

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Foro de Reputación Corporativa becomes the Spanish representative of the Reputation Institute

Francisco González replaces Ricardo Fornesa as Chairman of Foro de Reputación Corporativa

fRC signs a strategic alliance with the Financial Journalists Association (Asociación de Periodistas de Información Económica-APIE)

On its 2nd anniversary, Foro de Reputación Corporativa (fRC) today announced an agreement with the Reputation Institute, thus becoming the Spanish representative of this international body, and another agreement with the Financial Journalists Association (APIE), to collaborate in the dissemination and knowledge of leading trends and developments in corporate reputation. In the same event, Francisco González, the BBVA Chairman, took over as Chairman of fRC, replacing Ricardo Fornesa, Chairman of Agbar.

Foro de Reputación Corporativa is a place to meet, analyse and disseminate trends, tools and models of corporate reputation in business management that was created at the end of 2002 by Agbar, BBVA, Repsol YPF and Telefónica. Since then, other leading companies from various sectors have also joined: Abertis, Ferrovial, Gas Natural, Iberdrola, Iberia, Inditex and RENFE.

One of fRC´s 2005 objectives is to build on the agreement signed with the Reputation Institute that has made fRC become the Spanish representative of this international body. This agreement will enable fRC to be at the vanguard of methodological developments in measuring and managing corporate reputation and to increase knowledge outside Spain of the initiatives by Spanish companies that are members of fRC.

This alliance will also contribute to disseminating the message about the strategic importance of corporate reputation within Spanish business.

Other goals of fRC for 2005 include launching projects related to reputation management, valuation of intangibles, and standards of socially responsible investment, in addition to the organisation of an International Conference on Corporate Reputation on 19-22 May.

2004: the foundations were laid
fRC has also arranged a strategic alliance with APIE to raise awareness, inform, debate and promote issues related to Corporate Reputation in its broadest sense and all related areas, particularly Corporate Social Responsibility, the valuation of intangible assets, such as brands, Codes of Ethics, and Corporate Governance.

The agreement envisages that fRC will provide training to APIE members in the form of courses, lectures, debates, round-table discussions, presentations and conferences. This activity commences tomorrow (19 January 2005) with a first seminar, with the participation of Professor Charles Fombrun, executive director of the Reputation Institute, Professor Cees van Riel, and Alberto Andreu, executive coordinator of fRC.

Foro de Reputación Corporativa became firmly established in 2004, when the foundations for action in the future were laid and fRC disseminated an innovative professional vision of corporate reputation as one of the intangibles that contributes most to a company´s valuation.

Since its foundation in September 2002, all of fRC´s actions have been aimed at defining (in terms of organisation and modus operandi), consolidating and expanding the organisation. Following the initial steps, 2004 was a key year in fRC´s development, including the signature of the agreements announced today, which will be implemented in 2005.

During 2004, fRC drafted a code of ethics for relations among its members and with the media.


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