Approved community outreach projects for Spain, Colombia, Ethiopia and Peru

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Abastecimientode agua para la población rural en Chad

Through its Corporate Social Responsibility programmes, Ferrovial will refurbish Spanish Federation of Food Banks food distribution centres and provide technical and financial support in three water supply and sewage projects in Colombia, Ethiopia and Peru. Additionally, as part of the Stronger Together initiative, the company will allocate 100,000 euro to fight malnutrition in Haiti, build a nursing home in Palencia (Spain), and provide medical attention in Spain to disadvantaged African children. Ferrovial will allocate approximately 1 million euro to fund these programmes, which will benefit around 75,000 people.

Ferrovial is to collaborate with third sector organisations on projects to improve living conditions for communities at risk of exclusion, with a donation of approximately 1 million euro. These actions, which will benefit around 75,000 people, are part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility programmes: Social Infrastructure, Stronger Together and Social Action in Spain. As part of its corporate social responsibility programmes—Social Infrastructure, Stronger Together and Social Action in Spain—Ferrovial will collaborate with third sector organisations on projects to improve living conditions for communities at risk of exclusion, donating approximately 1 million euro and benefiting around 75,000 people.

Juan Francisco Polo, Head of Communication and Corporate Responsibility at Ferrovial: “These programmes underline Ferrovial’s commitment to the social and economic development of vulnerable communities. We are convinced that the projects we support will help improve living conditions for the target groups”.

Social Action in Spain: Spanish Federation of Food Banks

In 2014, Ferrovial will help upgrade and refurbish six Spanish Federation of Food Banks food distribution centres in Sevilla, Santander, Zaragoza, La Coruña, Málaga, Teruel and Murcia, contributing a total of 100,000 euro.

The company previously worked with the Red Cross to refurbish its food distribution centres for people at risk of social exclusion in Madrid, Barcelona, Murcia and Sevilla.

Social Infrastructure: access to water and sewage systems in Colombia, Ethiopia and Peru

As part of its Social Infrastructure programme, Ferrovial will work with Action against Hunger on the construction, upgrading and expansion of community drinking water and sewage infrastructure in the Colombian Department of Córdoba. Together with Amref Flying Doctors, it will build wells and sewage infrastructure for communities in Afar, in north-east Ethiopia. It will also cooperate with ECODES, which is supported by the Center of Guaman Poma de Ayala and the Saylla Council, to build a drinking water system in the Santa Bárbara district in Cusco, Peru. The projects will benefit more than 65,000 people. Ferrovial will provide technical expertise through its employee volunteers on the ground, as well as a total of 450,000 euro in funding.

As part of its Social Infrastructure project, the company has developed water and sewage infrastructure in Ethiopia, Colombia, Peru, Tanzania and Haiti, benefiting more than 153,000 people. The initiative received the 2013 Codespa corporate volunteer programme award, the European Excellence Award 2013 in the Corporate Social Responsibility category, and the Seres 2013 award for Innovation and Social Commitment by Business.

Stronger Together: Support for projects to help groups at risk of exclusion in Haiti, Spain and Africa

Through Stronger Together, Ferrovial will assist with activities at a nutrition centre for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children run by the NGO CESAL in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It will also help develop a nursing home for seniors requiring long-term care in Tierra de Campos, Palencia, with the San Cebrián Foundation, and it will support a Terre des Hommes International Federation programme to provide medical care in Spanish hospitals to disadvantaged African children.

Through this initiative, Ferrovial employees voluntarily donate part of their paycheck to a social project. The company matches the employees’ contributions. Since Stronger Together commenced in 2005, the company and its employees have donated to projects benefiting over 130,000 people in Spain, India, Madagascar, Burundi, Peru, Chad and Lebanon.

In view of the humanitarian crisis caused by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines at the end of 2013, the company launched a special edition of “Stronger Together” to palliate the effects of the catastrophe. Ferrovial and its employees together donated 120,000 euro to Manos Unidas and the Spanish Red Cross.


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