Ferrovial adopts the TNFD framework for biodiversity and nature conservation

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Ferrovial se suma al marco TNFD
  • The Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) is a standard led by the United Nations, WWF and Global Canopy
  • By adopting this framework, Ferrovial undertakes to implement the TNFD’s recommendations and disclose them in its 2025 integrated annual report

Ferrovial is one of the first companies to adopt the recommendations of the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) as part of its commitment to sustainability and the conservation of nature and ecosystems.

The standard, driven by organizations such as the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UnepFi), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), WWF, and Global Canopy, seeks to raise awareness about caring for the environment and to ensure that it is considered in decision-making by the private sector.

The TFND framework identifies, assesses, manages and discloses the impact of companies’ activities on the environment, the risks that nature poses to business, and the opportunities that can arise to benefit the natural environment.

In this way, Ferrovial recognizes the key role of nature as a bioregulator, a source of cultural values and a supplier of resources (such as water and other raw materials), and these qualities determine numerous dependencies for an infrastructure company, which requires what the natural environment provides in order to develop its activity.

By joining the TNFD, Ferrovial is reaffirming its commitment to halt the decline of the natural environment, the reduction of biodiversity, as well as to reduce the impact that the company may have on the environment. The global sustainable infrastructure company is putting the focus on nature-related issues with the aim to integrate them into decision-making and address one of the greatest global threats: biodiversity loss. The company will also publish the TNFD-recommended disclosures in its integrated annual report for 2025.

Ferrovial has developed its own methodology for calculating its footprint on nature and ecosystems: Integrated Natural Capital Assessment (INCA). This innovative tool makes it possible to measure the company’s impact on the environment and identify preventive and corrective measures. All of these factors influence infrastructure construction and maintenance.


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