Ferrovial Top Wellbeing Company for its health and wellness program

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  • Ferrovial has become one of the thirty best companies in health and wellness policies
  • Through the Hasavi program, it has obtained the certification at the HDH Summit, held in Madrid

Ferrovial has been awarded the Top Wellbeing Company certificate thanks to its health and wellbeing program for its employees, Hasavi. Benjamín Juárez, Director of Health, Safety and Wellbeing, received the award at the Human Digital Health (HDH) Summit on June 15, the leading conference on corporate health, which in its second edition in Spain was held at the CaixaForum in Madrid.

The certification recognizes the work of 30 exemplary companies in their wellness policies. The practices of all of them are included in the Human Digital Health study, which reports on the most effective programs to promote the confidence and wellbeing of people in the workplace and their impact on corporate strategy.

The Hasavi program, which won the award for Ferrovial, began its journey in 2016 and became the global health and wellness project for the entire company in 2022. Hasavi is focused on the physical, mental, social and financial health of the company’s professionals and aims to promote active lifestyles from a holistic perspective of the health and wellbeing of its employees.

“Improving the lives of our employees is one of our most fundamental priorities, so we are very pleased and proud to see how initiatives such as Hasavi have a direct and recognized impact on their wellbeing,” said Benjamin Juarez, director of health, safety and welfare.

The implementation of this project in the organization is having a significant impact thanks to several factors. Among them are the Wellness Committee, where all the company’s business units are represented, the health governance system, and the Hasavi Ambassadors Network, with more than 100 employees who promote good practices in all the countries where Ferrovial operates.

Immersed in the safety strategy, Hasavi focuses its lines of action on the comprehensive care of employees and their immediate families, providing them with training, medical equipment, psychological support, and a multitude of resources that improve their quality of life and health, both inside and outside the workplace.


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