Ferrovial and Cintra: Enhanced web sites score double A (AA) for accessibility

Press releases

The first construction and services group and the first infrastructure company in the world to attain AA accessibility grade for their web sites Ferrovial and Cintra are the first construction and services group and the first infrastructure company in the world, respectively, to make their web sites accessible in line with the AA standard of the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). This initiative the second among the Ibex-35 companies brings the two companies' web sites up to the most demanding international standards in terms of accessibility, usability and visual design. This initiative is part of a strategy whose priorities include enhancing communications and dialogue with stakeholders and facilitating access to persons with disabilities in all areas where the company operates. The move also enhances access for other people who have difficulties in accessing the web site due to slow connections, illness or old age. International standards: W3C and WAI Ferrovial and Cintra followed the standards of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) working group, which set international criteria for creating accessible web content and are responsible for setting standards to ensure that web sites are accessible to all, regardless of hardware, software, ability or disability, network infrastructure, language, culture or location. Ferrovial and Cintra were assisted by Intermark Tecnologías in the technical and functional aspects and by Líneas Ruiz Nicoli in the design. Additionally, Fundosa, the organisation of Fundación Once which focuses on social and employment integration, is currently auditing the web sites of Ferrovial using its own methodology. The following measures, among others, were taken to bring the companies' web sites into line with accessibility standards:
  • Total separation of content and design (presentation);
  • A simplified browsing system that does not use pull-down menus;
  • The possibility of browsing with the keyboard, with no need to use a mouse;
  • Insertion of explanatory text for images, tables and link targets;
  • Relative font sizes: users can adjust the font size in any browser.
Use of web standards: portability and streamlined design In seeking to comply with its commitment to 'information without barriers', Ferrovial totally redesigned its web site to provide value-added features such as portability and streamlined design so as to maximise the site's communication capabilities (Cintra had already completed this process). The site has been developed using stricter standards - XHTML + CSS2 - which offer the possibility of streamlined web page design, enabling structure and content to be adapted to different screen resolutions, browsers and mobile devices without the need for separate versions. Clear, simple design, and more information Ferrovial also redesigned its portal in a move towards clarity and simplicity and in order to enhance the information content of its home page. Other noteworthy features are the use of graphics and the inter-linking between the various contents of the site. The web site of construction and services group Ferrovial also added new content, mainly in the description of the company (analysis of its activities and sphere of operations) and the information and materials available in the Press Room. In addition to press releases (current and past) and the monthly bulletin (which has been published since September 2002), this area of the site contains material for downloading such as a dossier describing the company, presentations and graphic materials (photographs, logos and graphs).


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