Ferrovial installs electric car charging points in Torrejón de Ardoz and advances with its Energy Solutions

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  • The company has expanded its energy services contract with Torrejon City Council by offering new services and auto-production solutions to enhance the city’s energy efficiency
  • Ferrovial is offering a new service as part of its Energy Solutions
  • The company is also pioneering its second life battery project in the Spanish municipality

Ferrovial has extended its energy services contract with the city of Torrejon de Ardoz (Madrid, Spain) to include the installation and management of electric car charging points at nine locations in the municipality. This is the first time the company has provided the service under this contract, which rounds out its suite of Energy Solutions for public administrations.

The initial contract, awarded in 2012 under a 20-year concession worth an estimated €80 million, focused on energy management of municipal facilities and public lighting. This new service, which increases the initial amount by close to €260,000, is for 10 years and covers the supply, installation, maintenance and management of eleven dual chargers at 9 locations on public roads and at municipal buildings.

This is not the first time that Ferrovial has installed electric vehicle chargers. The company installed two 22 kW dual charging stations in the spanish city of Albacete, and another four of the same type in Rota, where it also installed a 90 kW charger for buses. With this new line of business, Ferrovial provides a public service that boosts the transformation towards cleaner, more sustainable and healthier cities by contributing to the decarbonization of transportation and driving change in mobility.

The chargers will be integrated into a web-based platform and citizens will be able to use a mobile app to reserve a charging station, monitor availability in real time and pay for the service. The charger control and supervision system not only enables the charging stations to be managed but also facilitates their maintenance and the efficient use of energy resources.

Sustainable end-to-end energy services for Torrejon de Ardoz

As part of the contract, Ferrovial has already installed LED lamps throughout the public lighting system in Torrejon de Ardoz, achieving energy savings of more than 70%. It has also installed 1,477 solar panels at local cultural, sports, administrative and school buildings to generate renewable energy for consumption in public buildings.

The company has also developed a pioneering project using second-life batteries at the Caja del Arte performing arts center in Torrejon de Ardoz, which required the installation of energy storage systems that reuse batteries from electric vehicles for photovoltaic, wind and off-grid installations.

This initiative maximizes self-consumption and energy savings, and represents a commitment to the circular economy by reusing batteries that would otherwise have been disposed of, affecting the availability of limited resources such as lithium. Another important digital innovation in this space is the use of a software that helps optimize the energy supply chain.

With the installation of eleven charging points for plug-in electric vehicles, Ferrovial has expanded its partnership with the city of Torrejon de Ardoz so as to continue integrating key elements for the energy transition, such as transformation, digitalization, new energy management models, circular economy, and sustainability, setting a precedent for other contracts managed by the company now and in the future.


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