Ferrovial signs its annual social aid program, benefitting 52,000 people

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  • Action Against Hunger, Fundación Esperanza y Alegría, Ingeniería para la Cooperación and CESAL, Fundación Recover, Fundación Gil Gayarre, Asociación Murciana de Esclerosis Múltiple, are the NGOs with which it will work this year.
  • In 2023, Ferrovial’s social programs will allocate 632,000 euros to projects that seek to improve the living conditions of local communities in Spain, Latin America, Africa, and Asia.
  • “Stronger Together”, “Social Infrastructures “, and “Social Action in Spain ” are the company’s social initiatives.

Ferrovial has signed agreements for its social programs “Stronger Together”, “Social Infrastructures”, and “Social Action in Spain”, which will improve the living conditions of more than 52,000 people by 2023. In this edition, Ferrovial is collaborating with Action Against Hunger, Fundación Esperanza y Alegría, Ingeniería para la Cooperación (ICLI), Fundación Recover, Fundación Gil Gayarre, Asociación Murciana de Esclerosis Múltiple and CESAL, which will receive a total of 632,000 euros. These initiatives aim to improve access to water for human consumption, contribute to the fight against food insecurity and alleviate poverty.

Since its launch in 2005, the company’s social actions in Spain, Latin America, Asia and Africa have benefited more than 610,000 people. The initiatives, which have received nearly 10.5 million euros since launch, highlight the company’s commitment to generating a positive impact on communities and the environment, as well as its contribution to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Social Infrastructures

Launched in 2008, the Social Infrastructures program goes beyond the financial endowment, as it also provides these projects with knowledge and experience, involving the employees themselves, who travel to the communities where the initiatives are being developed. With an investment of more than 7.2 million euros, Social Infrastructures has financed 37 projects, impacting more than 336,000 people.

In Colombia, Ferrovial maintains its commitment to Action Against Hunger for another year and in this edition will improve access to and quality of water in the towns of San Gabriel, La Cuchilla and La Cabaña, in the municipality of Lebrija. As part of the project, three water treatment plants will be installed, and the distribution network will be adapted in the three areas involved. Ferrovial thus reinforces its intervention in the road known as the Ruta del Cacao, thus contributing to the development of eastern Colombia, and highlighting the company’s commitment to this community. In total, Ferrovial has improved the living conditions of nearly 6,500 people in the area.

In addition, with the help of the Fundación Esperanza y Alegría, it will carry out a project in India to install a drinking water supply system in the Mundakayam Medical Trust hospital in Idukki, Kerala. The initiative, which will benefit 40,000 people, includes the installation of a rainwater harvesting system, the construction of two subway tanks, as well as the installation of a water filtration, purification, and extraction system.

In Africa, Ferrovial will improve access to water for more than 9,000 people in the rural area of the northern district of Kamonyi, Rwanda. To this end, it will build and rehabilitate eleven water tanks and twenty-three public fountains, as well as constructing 40 improved latrines for vulnerable households. This project joins a long list of initiatives that the company has deployed on this continent, such as Maji ni Uhai (Water is Life), developed in Tanzania and which has been recognized with the European Prize for International Cooperation for Sustainable Development.

Stronger Together

Stronger Together seeks to improve the living conditions of people at risk of social vulnerability. Its budget corresponds to the sum of the amounts donated by employees plus the company’s contribution, which doubles the amount raised. Since its launch in 2005, 47 projects have been developed, impacting almost 200,000 people, with over two million euros invested.

Together with the Recover Foundation, Ferrovial will take NUTRI-m to Cameroon, a technology that has already been implemented in two hospitals in the country to improve child nutrition in Africa. This innovative solution makes it possible to monitor children’s health parameters, improve hygiene and eating habits, provide nutritional support with supplements and vitamins, and provide health care in cases of acute malnutrition.

In addition, with the Gil Gayarre Foundation, it will improve the facilities of the El Cabezo residence, which is home to more than 100 people with intellectual disabilities with high support needs and of advanced age. Thanks to the project, the insulation of the roofs will be improved, as well as the ventilation system and the electrical and gas installations. All this will improve the well-being of the users of the residence.

The last of the projects to be carried out by the company as part of this initiative will be in collaboration with the Multiple Sclerosis Association of Murcia (AMDEM). Thanks to Stronger Together, support will be given to innovative therapies in cognitive rehabilitation for people with multiple sclerosis and/or demyelinating diseases. The funds will enable the acquisition of Starstim equipment for non-invasive transcranial electrical stimulation, a treatment that will benefit almost a hundred people.

Social Action

Social Action in Spain is the corporate social responsibility program that the company launched in the wake of the economic crisis, and which has improved access to food for more than 78,800 people. In 2023, Ferrovial is collaborating with CESAL to remodel the San Cristóbal School market in Madrid. Thanks to this initiative, which will also support the adaptation of spaces for food processing, access to quality food will be provided to more than 1,250 people at risk of exclusion.


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