Ferrovial to reduce energy consumption by Torrejón municipal facilities and street lighting by 35%

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Energy consumption
Ferrovial Services is to manage energy services for municipal facilities and street lighting in Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid, for 20 years. The company will apply innovative street lighting technology and electricity consumption monitoring systems, which will enable it to maintain lighting levels while notably reducing power consumption.
Ferrovial Services has been awarded a 20-year contract to provide energy management services in connection with municipal facilities and the street lighting network in Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid). The contract, worth around 80 million euro, focuses on innovation and energy efficiency. Ferrovial will apply technology and processes to provide energy savings of 35% overall and 66% in the street lighting network. These measures will provide annual savings of close to one million euro. According to Santiago Olivares, CEO of Ferrovial Services: "This is the first step towards making Torrejón de Ardoz a smart city. This public-private partnership aims to improve the quality of services for citizens while making energy efficiency and savings the top objectives." The company created a luminosity map of Torrejón using an imaging system. The map plots the lighting needs of each street, and serves as the basis for making decisions about energy efficiency and energy savings while maintaining service quality for citizens. Ferrovial Services is also implementing LEDs in Torrejón's street lights. LEDs not only reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, but also provide brighter light and enable light intensity to be regulated depending on changing needs. Ferrovial Services has also upgraded the street lighting control centres, which enable lighting to be regulated by remote control; installed presence detectors in municipal facilities so that the lights turn on only when movement is detected; and refurbished the plumbing and heating systems to reduce consumption. Ferrovial Services and energy efficiency Ferrovial Services has extensive experience in the design and installation of renewable energy systems and high-efficiency power generation systems, and the development of energy efficiency studies and applications. In Spain, the company manages the city of Bilbao's municipal sports facilities as well as street lighting in the town of Soto del Real (Madrid). In the UK, subsidiary Amey provides infrastructure maintenance services in Birmingham and Sheffield under the smart city model. Ferrovial is working with MIT on projects which aim to transform the world's cities and transport infrastructure. Projects completed under the agreement include systems to analyse street lighting, to identify areas of energy loss in buildings, and to prioritise equipment maintenance actions.


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