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  • Our construction company has dug tunnels equivalent to 11 times the breadth of the English Channel.
  • We have upgraded and resurfaced 27,000 kilometres of road, 3.5 times the distance between London and Beijing. 
  • We have built 11 million square metres of offices, i.e. room for a million workers. 
  • The water held by the 145 dams we have built would supply all of Spain for two years. 
  • The 6,000 kilometres of water mains we have built are equivalent to the distance between Madrid and New York. The length of our gas and oil pipelines is equivalent to the distance between Lisbon and Istanbul.
  • We have laid 3,600 kilometres of railway line, equivalent to almost twice the legendary Orient Express route.


  • We handle luggage for 70 million passengers each year, equivalent to the entire population of France! 
  • The 600,000 street lights that we maintain in the UK would light up the Madrid region three times over.
  • Amey serves one million meals each year in UK schools.

Toll roads

  • Zero seconds is the time a driver has to stop at tollbooths on the 407 ETR, the world's first fully-electronic free-flow toll road.
  • The 2,841 kilometres of toll roads managed by Cintra are equivalent to 1,150 laps around the Formula 1 circuit in Monaco.


  • If we rounded up all of our airports together, they would cover the same area as Bilbao. 
  • Our airports serve 152 million passengers: the equivalent of the entire population of the UK passing through our facilities 2.5 times. 
  • An airplane takes off from a BAA airport in the UK every 30 seconds, the same time it takes a telephone to ring six times.


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