The Definitive Price of the Grupo Ferrovial Offer fixed at 22.95 Euros (3,818 pesetas) per share

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The Definitive Price of the Grupo Ferrovial Offer fixed at  22.95 (3,818 pesetas) per share

The Definitive Price for the Public Offer for Sale and the Public Offer for Subscription for shares of Grupo Ferrovial has been set at 22.95 Euros (3,818 pesetas) per share. This price supposes an overall assessment of Ferrovial, after the capital increase taking place simultaneously with the Public Offer for Sale, of 520,000 million pesetas.

The Board of Directors of Grupo Ferrovial, at its meeting today, 3rd May, 1999, resolved to fix the issue premium for the shares, to be issued with the capital increase that is the object of the Public Offer for Subscription, at  21.95 Euros per share. As a result, the shares that are the object of the capital increase, with a par value of  1 Euro, will be issued at a real price of  22.95 Euros per share, a price which coincides with that of the Offer. This means that the total amount of the issue premium will be 186,844,546 Euros (31,088 million pesetas).

For employees, a 10% discount

Lastly, the Definitive Employee Offer Price which, as was announced, has been discounted by 10% – will be  20.65 Euros (3,436 pesetas).

Today, the Underwriting and Investment Contracts were signed for the Spanish Institutional Tranche and the International Tranche of the Public Offer, with no variations registered with respect to the Underwriting Firms that signed the Underwriting and Investment Agreement Protocol for both trances on the 26th April, 1999.


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