The Maximum Price of the Grupo Ferrovial Offer is set at 3,818 pesetas per share

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The Maximum Price of the Grupo Ferrovial Offer is set at 3,818 pesetas per share.

The Spanish institutional tranche, as of the 23rd April, surpassed the initial amount offered 10.1 times over.

The Maximum Price of the Public Sale Offer Sale and Public Offer for Subscription of shares in Grupo Ferrovial has been set at 3,818 pesetas (22.95 Euros) per share. This price supposes an aggregate valuation of Ferrovial, after the capital increase that took place at the same time as the Public Sale Offer, of 520,000 million pesetas.

This price in the upper limit area of the initial range, reported by the company several days ago, of between 3,452 pesetas (20.75 Euros) and 3,818 pesetas (22.95 Euros) per share, which supposed an aggregate valuation of Ferrovial of between 470,000 and 520,000 million pesetas.

Excellent reception

Ferrovials Public Sale Offer has been well received by all the sections to which it has been directed. As of Friday, the 23rd April, the response of the different tranches was the following:

  • In the Retail Tranche, 216,253 uncancelled Purchase Orders have been received, with a value of 349,752 million pesetas, 5.3 times the initial amount offered.
  • In the Spanish Institutional Tranche, the programme of meetings of Ferrovials directors finished on the 20th April, and until last Friday (23rd), purchase orders for a value of 315,000 million pesetas had been received, 10.1 times the initial amount offered.
  • In the International Tranche, until the previously mentioned date, purchase orders had been received for a value of 27,250 million pesetas. It must be noted that in this section, the presentation programme began last Wednesday, 21st April, and will continue throughout the week until the 30th April.
  • In the Employee Section, uncancelled purchase orders for a total of 3,595 million pesetas, 2.3 times the initial amount offered, have been received.



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