The public offering for the exchange of Ferrovial Agromán shares ends with an 89.60% acceptance rate

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Grupo Ferrovials stake in Ferrovial Agromán is raised to 99.31% The Public Offering for the acquisition of 6.68% of Ferrovial Agromans stock capital, set forth by Grupo Ferrovial, has come to its conclusion with an 89.60% acceptance rate amongst the construction company minority shareholders. The Public Offering aimed at the acquisition of 15,898,899 shares of Ferrovial Agroman and was accepted by 14,245,602 shares, accounting for 89.60% of the shares addressed by the offering and for 5.98% of the stock capital of the construction company. After the Offering, Grupo Ferrovials stake in Ferrovial Agroman amounts to 99.31% (236,388,809 shares) while the stake held by minority shareholders amounts to 0.69% (1,653,297 shares). Grupo Ferrovial will carry out a capital increase for the amount needed to meet the requirements of the investors accepting the Public Offering. Considering the agreed exchange ratio, Grupo Ferrovial will issue 5,935,667 shares, accounting for 4.36% of its current stock capital. This capital increase is solely aimed at Ferrovial Agromán shareholders.


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