Cintra participates in IV Automotion Challenges encounter

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Nicolás Rubio, Cintra's Operations Director,

Nicolás Rubio, Cintra’s Operations Director, participated in the IV Automotion Challenges encounter on 7 february, which was organized by ACICAE and Expansión at the Automotive Intelligence Center in Amorebieta (Vizcaya)

One of the conclusions of the meeting was that charging, rather than prohibiting, is the most efficient policy approach for regulating trips inside cities. As Nicolás Rubio pointed out, charging for use makes more sense than the restrictive regulations adopted by some cities because it improves traffic management, gives options to users who really need them, reduces pollution and creates a new source of municipal funding with which to improve the urban environment and other mobility alternatives.

Participants included Luca de Meo, Chairman of Seat, who discussed the challenge of selling all-electric cars; Antonio Cobo, Vice-President of Manufacturing and Supply Chain at Opel, who described the latest work to produce a 100% Corsa; and Arantxa Tapia, Minister of Economic Development and Infrastructure in the Basque Government, who highlighted the importance of rigorous communication in this connection. All three called for a long-term road map for taking old vehicles off the road and letting the industry transform itself.

Other participants included Mario Armero, Executive Vice-President of Anfac, who advocated smart, affordable mobility; Ana Camacho, CEO of Batz Group, who said that the emission reduction requirements create the need for constant R&D spending; David Moncholi, Head of Mobility at Idom, who said that combustion vehicles would not disappear; and Ricardo Olalla, Vice-President for Mobility Solutions Sales at Bosch, who said that mobility policy must contemplate intermodality between electric and combustion vehicles.​

También asistieron Mario Armero, Vicepresidente Ejecutivo de Anfac, quien apostó por una movilidad inteligente y asequible; Ana Camacho, Consejera Delegada de Batz Group, quien afirmó que las exigencias de reducción de emisiones hacen que la inversión en I+D sea continua; David Moncholi, Director de movilidad de Idom, quien negó que el coche de combustión fuera a desaparecer; y Ricardo Olalla, Vicepresidente de Ventas Mobility Solutions de Bosch, quien señaló que señaló que las políticas de movilidad deben contemplar la intermodalidad entre coches eléctricos y de combustión.

IV Automotion Challenges encounter


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