Ecological Monitoring at the Northern Beaches Hospital Connectivity and Network Enhancement (NBH CaNE) project

Local news

Monitoring program

The on-going ecological monitoring program consists of nest box monitoring, maintenance and repair of nest boxes

A recent annual report has indicated that native fauna species continue to utilize nest boxes located in bush areas beside the project, over a year after major construction on the project has been completed.

Over 135 nest boxes are positioned in trees around the project site and have been monitored regularly since 2016. In the most recent monitoring round, ten nest boxes were occupied by Brushtail possums, four by Ringtail possums and one by a Sugar glider. Other nest boxes, although empty at the time of monitoring displayed physical signs of usage.

The nest box program is also supported by a range of other native fauna protection initiatives such as the dedicated fauna underpasses under the major road, and three overpasses (rope wire crossings) over the roadways.

Maintenance of some nest boxes were also undertaken this season, to keep the nest boxes in good condition. Overall, the nest boxes were in good condition and functioning as intended. This bodes well for the protection native Australian fauna in the vicinity of the project.


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