Embracing Innovation: Stakeholder Engagement App

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Ferrovial Agroman UK continues to foster innovation as a core component of its strategy of continuous improvement with the development of an interactive real-time environment application (app).

Using the Heathrow Terminal 3 Integrated Baggage Project (T3IB) for the prototype, the new app enables the user to explore the three dimensional work environment in real-time.

The user can fly-round or walk-through the key spaces via their own path, unleash the potential of the environment / model by switching between lighting or material options and navigate the environment with touch screen, advanced motion-control, mouse or game controller to suit the target audience.

Juan Pablo Perez, T3IB Project Manager explains :

“The idea was born from the direct application of lessons learned during the course of the project. We therefore decided to proceed with the development of this app to explore the possibilities and potential uses. Due to the advancement and incorporation of BIM technology process and procedures in our company, we found that the possibilities were endless.” 

“During the design stage, and to improve the efficiency, we would be able to use the application to enable the customers to make a decision on the fit out finishes and furniture by showing them what the different layout options would look like in the completed room. In any case, the use of these kind of tools must always be dictated by the real needs of the client, the characteristics of the project and, of course, the use of common sense.”

Other examples of the app’s uses include more practical situations. It can be used for site visitor inductions enabling staff, in the case of T3IB, to see the baggage areas where conveyors, scanners and the rest of devices are installed, but also the offices where they will be working.

It can also be utilised as a training tool, especially in relation to Health and Safety precautions as staff will be able to be introduced to their new environment before they even take a step into the building.

Ricardo Bittini, T3IB Design Manager said:

“Nowadays, technology and, in particular, the use of 3D models open an enormous range of possibilities to improve our performance in the construction market. The more we understand the needs of the stakeholders, the more we will be able to improve the processes. For this reason it is absolutely key that consistent and permanent dialogue remains open with them so we are able to provide an effective an innovative answer to their concerns."

Utilising the most user friendly interfaces on laptop and tablet platforms, the simply control systems enables the most non-technical users to easily navigate the available spaces in the building. In addition to this immersive means of reviewing the most recent version of the model, the user also has the ability to access the available data through a clean and consistent interface.


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