Pursuing an industry-wide carbon target for infrastructure

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Ferrovial Agroman UK participated in the ‘Delivering Low Carbon Infrastructure’ report, which recommends implementing a whole life carbon target in the sector.

Global warming is happening at an unprecedented scale since the 1950s. Most scientists in this field agree that it is extremely likely that human influence (mainly through the emissions of greenhouse gases) has been the dominant factor of this trend. To try to tackle this situation, the Paris Agreement signed in April 2016 requires a net zero carbon economy within the second half of this century. Hence clients and contractors across the sector are taking action to reduce emissions. But what exactly are they doing? To answer this question, Ferrovial Agroman supported the UK Green Building Council (UK-GBC)’s new report entitled ‘Delivering Low Carbon Infrastructure’. The main findings are that currently there is no specific target which companies can work towards; and that there is little similarity in ambition, duration and scope of the targets being set in the industry.

“Our sector cannot shy away from its responsibilities -an industry-wide carbon target is essential. This will ensure a clear trajectory to a low-carbon future. In this regard, Ferrovial continues to lead the way by becoming the world's first construction and engineering company to have set its Science Based Target for greenhouse emissions approved by the Science Based Targets Initiative earlier on this month”


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