AENOR certifies Ferrovial Services for its Asset Management System


AENOR certifies Ferrovial Services for its Asset Management System

By receiving ISO-UNE 55001 certification, Ferrovial Services is committed to managing the assets entrusted to them by customers, guaranteeing the value of the asset’s maintenance throughout its life cycle, with high standards of quality, rigor, precision, and transparency.

AENOR has awarded Ferrovial Services this certification based on Standard UNE-ISO 55001, recognizing management of the life cycle of residential, land, tertiary, and other real estate assets owned by the client.

The aim of Standard UNE-ISO 55001:2015 is to implement policy, responsibilities, resources, and guidelines for implementation, operation, measurement, analysis, and improvement, which include requirements that an asset management system must meet. UNE-ISO 55001 follows the high-level structure of international ISO Management Systems standards, allowing it to integrate with other management systems easily.

The Director-General of Ferrovial Services Spain, Juan Ignacio Beltrán García-Echániz, and AENOR CEO Rafael García Meiró attended the presentation of the certificate. Both companies made it clear that this recognition adds value to Ferrovial Services by establishing a framework to manage the portfolio of assets entrusted by its clients effectively.

Juan Ignacio Beltrán García-Echániz said that obtaining this certificate is motivation for improving the optimization of internal processes and that it is a competitive advantage to continue with the growth strategy for Ferrovial Services Spain in asset management, as the company’s current portfolio has over 100,000 assets nationally. He also emphasized that this achievement is crucial for Ferrovial Services since it means that the company has become “the first national organization to obtain certification in delegated management of assets owned by customers.”

“Standard UNE-ISO 55001 is a useful tool for organizations that have a wide reach, as does Ferrovial Services, both geographically and in terms of customers since it helps build trust nationally and internationally. Appropriate, adequate implementation is the key to capitalizing on all of the performance it can deliver. In this sense, the professionals at Ferrovial Services and AENOR have built a great collaboration from each of their roles”

For Ferrovial, obtaining this certification, along with the Lean Management certificate, represents the organization’s drive and commitment to implementing the right mechanisms for meeting the demands of markets, customers, shareholders and investors, and other stakeholders, in addition to establishing the company as one with high standards that follows the best practices for management in their processes.


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