Ferrovial and AIVIA present at Microsoft Build, the company's most important event


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Microsoft’s most emblematic event, streamed on May 24th, was inaugurated by Satya Nadella, president and CEO of Microsoft, who highlighted in his initial presentation the collaboration with Ferrovial in the connected highways project, AIVIA Smart Roads.

Ferrovial is using the Microsoft Azure for Operators solution for the development of its smart highways system. The main objective of AIVIA is to develop infrastructure and technologies that ensure the coexistence of conventional and autonomous vehicles, as well as to obtain maximum benefits from all types of automated and autonomous vehicles.

“Ferrovial is a great example of an operator that builds and manages some of the world’s largest and busiest highways and airports, from Dallas to Madrid” said Satya Nadella

Ferrovial together with its collaborating partners in the AIVIA Smart Roads project is working to optimize everything from safety and reliability of travel times to in-vehicle info entertainment access.

Smart and safer highways

As road operators, user safety is always at the core of our business. The future is digital, users are going digital; and that is why we are evolving, adopting, and exploring technologies such as 5G, simulation technologies, and advanced sensing and monitoring technology to greatly enhance not only the traveler experience but also their safety. and making early deployments of what the future will look like.

AIVIA will optimize the utility of CAVs favoring all road users and create a safe, high-speed connected road infrastructure by collecting, processing, and communicating critical information to our users so they, or their vehicles, can make better decisions.

The ultimate goal is for the infrastructure to automatically adjust in real time to changing situations and information gathered from cameras and sensors placed along the highway.

Find out more information about AIVIA Smart Roads here.




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