Budimex is using virtual reality to enhance safety and improve work quality


Budimex is using virtual reality

As a leader in the construction industry, Budimex always looks for smart solutions and is now introducing innovative VR solutions to improve the work of specialists and enhance the safety on construction sites.

Two of the key values that the company holds are education and cooperation, particularly in the field of innovation and safety, with its employees actively involved in the development of activities and numerous research projects both at home and abroad. Just recently, Budimex has been applying new methods in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) training based on virtual reality, which has proven to increase employee competencies and improves the quality of their work.

“Continuous technical and technological development and safety are of utmost importance to us. We want to use innovative solutions in our daily work so that our results are characterized by the highest quality and the satisfaction of investors. We work with entities who, like us, are looking for ways to grow. Each task is carried out by experienced and professional staff, who continuously expand their knowledge, taking an active part in training courses”

A modern form of training

A recent initiative by Budimex is to use virtual reality (VR) to increase the levels of safety on construction sites. The company’s employees have expanded their knowledge and explored the potential applications of virtual reality as part of the contract to construct the Research and Development Centre for ORLEN S.A. The technology was used for an innovative OHS training process for banksmen and riggers.

In the introduction, the instructors explained how VR works and how to use Google goggles. Then, during 8 hour tests, the employees moved around the virtual world and participated in simulated hazardous or potentially hazardous situations. The acquisition of knowledge was verified during an examination. The participants considered the new experience to be valuable and interesting. For example, thanks to use of the new technology during the training, the OHS Team learned that deflection lines and lashing straps can be ignored by the team when working on projects.

Virtual reality as a source of change

The company sees potential in the use of VR in the construction industry. This tool is ideal for specialist training for both individual employees and teams. Its main advantage is the communication of possible threats. It is also a source of knowledge for managers as part of virtual “Safety walks”, building awareness and indicating the areas that need improvement.

“Human life is our essential value. We feel responsible for the safety of our team, which is why we pay special attention to meeting all necessary standards, providing protection to our employees and associates. We see great potential in VR solutions for the construction industry. It is a source of valuable knowledge concerning on-the-job training, as well as in periodic OHS training”

The Budimex S.A. team is continuously developing its competencies. The innovative projects implemented by the company include the development of self-repairing road systems in cooperation with the Warsaw University of Technology, and work on a technology that reduces the emission of harmful substances in MCP grate boilers, carried out with the Institute of Power Engineering-Research Institute and Mostostal Kraków.


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