Budimex to build a new section of Expressway S5 in Poland


Ferrovial Budimex Highway A4 Jaroslaw Radymno
Budimex, our construction subsidiary in Poland, has been chosen to complete construction of the Bojanowo-Rawicz bypass on Expressway S5 in Poland, between the cities of Poznań and Wrocław. This contract, which includes the construction of 29.3 kilometres of new road, is worth over 47 million euro (198.8 million zlotys). As part of this project, Budimex will be responsible for earth movement on the main route, side roads and frontage roads, strengthening embankments, and laying the road foundation and surface. The company will also be responsible for signage and the installation of road safety equipment and acoustic screens. Budimex built an 18.5-kilometre section of Expressway S3 and a new section of the A4 autostrada last year. The company was recently awarded several construction projects, including the expansion of the Pomeranian Gallery shopping centre in Bydgoszcz, the construction of Kraków University's new School of Chemistry, and the design and construction of a railway line in Gdańsk. [Update: On February 21, 2014 , Budimex signed the contract to build this new section of Expressway S5].


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