Cadagua renews its commitment to sustainability through EMAS


Eco-Management and Audit Scheme cadagua ferrovial
Cadagua, the Ferrovial subsidiary specialising in water, has recently renewed its commitment to sustainability by once again validating the environmental declarations for the desalinations plants of Valdelentisco and Águilas-Guadalentín, as per the requirements of the EMAS regulations (EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), for the eighth and second year running, respectively. Both plants, owned by Acuamed, were designed and constructed by Cadagua and Ferrovial Agroman, and are currently managed by Cadagua through its Environmental Management System. Certification through the EMAS Scheme serves to increase Cadagua’s awareness and commitment to sustainability and the environment. The Valdelentisco desalination plant was the first to become EMAS registered in 2012, following a period of adaptation and auditing of its management systems, which began in 2009 as a joint project between the production line and Cadagua central services. Subsequently, in 2015, an EMAS-compliant management system was introduced in the Águilas-Guadalentín desalination plant.

Commitment to sustainability with EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme

The EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme or EMAS is a voluntary tool designed by the European Commission to certify and publicly recognise companies and organisations wishing to go further in the development and application of their environmental management systems. Implementation of the system brings not only environmental benefits, but also provides a detailed understanding of all the steps involved in operations, which in turn allows the plant to identify where there is scope for improvement. This boosts innovation and generates benefits (savings in raw materials, energy, water, waste, etc.), ensuring excellent performance. The process for implementation of the EMAS environmental management system is rather complex and requires a firm commitment at all levels of the organisation. Evidence of full legal compliance must be provided, and smooth communications and effective engagement systems are necessary to ensure meaningful participation of all employees.

What is the process to follow for EMAS registration?

Eco-Management and Audit Scheme registration requires commitment and action to evidence compliance with environmental legislation, in addition to verification and validation by the EMAS licensing body in the relevant country. The main steps to be carried out are an environmental review of the facilities, evaluation of the environmental impact of activities, implementation of an environmental management system for the reduction of the environmental impact of operations, and development of an environmental declaration certifying the existence of appropriate management systems, which must be verified by an independent consultant. This environmental declaration is then submitted to the competent body of the CARM [the local ministry responsible for water, agriculture and environment in the region of Murcia], and EMAS registration by the said body of the CARM then follows. A verified environmental declaration provides environmental information on a yearly basis. This document includes reliable and verified information on the environmental performance of the desalination plants, serving as a valuable tool for transparency, an increasingly essential element of company operations today. EMAS registration affords Cadagua a competitive advantage vis-à-vis its competitors in a rapidly evolving sector. The environmental declarations for the Valdelentisco and Águilas-Guadalentín desalination plants are available for all stakeholders on Cadagua’s website, as per the requirements of the EMAS scheme.


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