Cadagua to build a Pilot Plant for tests on the treatment of water from the Nervión River using BIM technology


Cadagua water plant

Cadagua has been selected by the Bilbao Bizkaia Water Consortium (CABB) to build a “PILOT PLANT FOR TESTS ON THE TREATMENT OF WATER FROM THE NERVION RIVER IN BOLUETA”. This is an ambitious project led by the Bilbao Bizkaia Water Consortium.

By awarding this new project, the Consortium aims to:

  • Identify potential future modifications to the drinking water treatment plant (ETAP) in Venta Alta as may be required to comply with the legislation in force when treating water from the Nervión River.
  • Monitor operation of the plant under different scenarios of bulk water quality from the Nervión River, and under extreme conditions such as exceptional drought or heavy rains.
  • Analyse plant capacity for eliminating any new pollutants that may emerge, in addition to the usual pollutants.

Cadagua will develop an advanced and innovative 3D design using BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology, enabling both the client and subcontractors to have total control over construction, and thus providing a guarantee as to completion period, flexibility, functionality and accessibility. With this end in mind, the plant will be prefabricated in its entirety, using a modular configuration which will be easy to transport and will take into account the limitations as to space and the strict requirements specified by the Consortium.

This contract further strengthens Cadagua’s expertise in the design, construction and advanced research in the field of water treatment plants. Involvement of Cadagua’s R&D department will be crucial for analysing potential future requirements of the Venta Alta Plant, with the Nervión River as an alternative water catchment source. Further advanced treatment tests will be carried out using ultra filtration membranes and oxidation processes. The plant will consist of 6 separate open modules, plus 4 closed modules housing reactants, control systems, a laboratory and offices.


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