Ciudad 2020 innovative smart city project ends successfully


Madrid Ciudad 2020
Madrid recently hosted the closing event for Ciudad 2020 project, organised as part of the INNPRONTA program run by CDTI (Centre for Technological and Industrial Development, an official body of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness). The project was run by a consortium of 9 companies, led by Indra. The initiative has ended following four years of work that has helped to shape a sustainable, intelligent and efficient city of the future. The aim of Ciudad 2020 project was to establish a smart city model that features advanced systems for managing mobility and energy efficiency, as well as ensuring financial, social and environmental sustainability. The research conducted into various aspects of smart cities and the development of technological services were pivotal to successfully achieving the overall objective. Ferrovial Agroman, one of the 9 companies comprising the consortium, was commissioned with improving energy efficiency in cities, thus enhancing quality of life and comfort for inhabitants. The company, via the R&D Department and the Urban Rehabilitation Division, was in charge of developing the PT2 work package, used to study IT applications and systems designed to improve energy efficiency in buildings and urban public spaces. Ciudad 2020 takes a holistic approach to evaluating energy use and management in cities (in buildings and public lighting systems), with inhabitants taking an active role in management, as well as offering services aimed at professional managers, state bodies and the public in general. The technological assets developed as a result of this work include energy monitoring in buildings and automatic climate control, both developed in partnership with CeDInt (the Integral Home Automation Centre at Universidad Politécnica). The first of these supports the monitoring of interior and exterior climate parameters (light, temperature, humidity), as well electricity use segregated by lines, while the second evaluates comfortable temperatures for building users while modelling consumption levels associated with meteorological conditions. Other work packages on which Ferrovial Agroman also partnered involved transport and urban mobility, the environment and sustainability and a technology platform for use by the public, which aims to provide support to all services run as part of the project. Ferrovial Agroman was also involved in and coordinated activities aimed at publicising the project.

Smart City Project closure and results

Ciudad 2020 project closing ceremony took place at the School of Telecommunication Engineers at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, and was intended as an informative event to detail the results of the four-year project, as well as the areas of research that will be subsequently be pursued. Each of the groups involved presented results from their work package. There was also a roundtable discussion featuring council representatives from Zaragoza and Malaga, cities that were actively involved in the project.

Consortium members

As well as Ferrovial Agroman, also involved in Ciudad 2020 were the technology companies INDRA and ATOS, industrial firms such as Fagor Electronica and GFI, and the SMEs Fractalia, Tekia, Daedalus and ISOCO. A number of public and semi-public institutions also took part as subcontractors: research centres such as CI3 (Intelligent Infrastructure Innovation Centre), CeDInt and Barcelona Digital; and research teams from universities such as Alcala de Henares, Politécnica de Madrid, Politécnica de Barcelona, Politécnica de Valencia, Cantabria, La Coruña and Zaragoza. The Intelligent Infrastructure Innovation Centre is a not-for-profit foundation that operates in the public interest. It is based in Guadalajara and was set up under a partnership between the Government of Castilla la Mancha (JCCM), the University of Alcala (UAH) and Ferrovial. The purpose of the Foundation is to help promote and develop IT technology applied to infrastructure. More information about Ciudad 2020 is available on the website:


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