Connecting all the information from the construction site via a BIM based app


bim app for construction in almeria
Ferrovial Agroman develops FILMSite, a construction BIM app that consists of the creation of a database that imports information from the BIM (Building Information Modeling) model. The Torrecárdenas shopping centre and commercial area in Almería, southern Spain, has become a pioneer in implementating FILMSite, a web application that allows to manage all the project information from the site by linking it with a BIM (Building Information Modeling) model. 155,250m2 are planned to be built, which will include two floors of commercial area, a double- floor underground parking area, green areas and outdoor shops, and a representative element: a curved metallic roof that covers the central area of the building and which makes it iconic.

About FILMSite, the BIM app

FILMSite, awarded in the 2016 INNOVATE CONSTRUCTION AWARDS, consists on the creation of a database that extracts information such as views, measurements or construction plans, from the BIM model, and builds relations with any other data created externally (photos, PPIs, PDF), thus offering complete, integrated and accessible information for the whole team which can be easily consulted in a laptop or mobile device. This BIM app allows users to connect and involve the different agents intervening in the construction process by providing them with a tool which collects updated information and, at the same time, empowers them to create, register and solve any incidences or doubts directly. As Ignacio Casares, Head of Production in Andalucía Projects and BIM Expert, explains,
"The main advantage of this app is that it opens a flux of real time information between the model and the construction itself in an intuitive and simple way."
José Sarriá, manager for construction in Andalucía (Spain), determines that
"The main aim of FILMsite is to make the information contained in a BIM model accessible to as many people and profiles as possible within the construction team, despite whether they have specific BIM software knowledge or not."

The Biodomo project in Granada, a great example of BIM implementation

Andalucía (southern Spain region) was pioneer in implementing BIM in Ferrovial Agroman in Spain. The Biodomo project in Granada (2013) required a technical and coordination complexity that led the search for new technologies and solutions that would guarantee quality and efficiency  during the whole construction cycle. BIM consolidation came during the construction of Hospital Vithas Nuestra Señora de la Salud, also located in Granada and the second BIM Project,  and which included elements such as 3D, 4D, Laser scan or the Quality App Link. For more information on Ferrovial's work with BIM, click here. 


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