Ditecpesa develops an asphalt bitumen specifically tailored to resist extreme climates



In its commitment to innovation, Ditecpesa, the Ferrovial subsidiary dedicated to the development, manufacture and marketing of asphalt products, has developed an asphalt bitumen specifically tailored to resist extreme weather conditions.  It is devised, for example, for pavements requiring a high level of winter maintenance, or coastal areas with warm climates presenting extremely high levels of humidity and salt. It is as such that this bitumen mix has superior general properties, in particular being especially resistant to the chemical onslaught of salt, an element used wholesale to get rid of snow and/or ice in winter road maintenance, while on the other hand presenting high environmental concentration levels in areas near the coast.

For Ferrovial this development means a significant technological advance that has a financial impact, as this product allows for improved cash-flow return levels on large projects that have been granted over a long period, by ensuring that road re-surfacing is needed considerably less often.

Use of this bitumen is recommended in the US, Canada and Northern Europe in mountainous areas, and in warm areas of the Mediterranean, South America, Asia or Pacific Oceania.

With this project Ditecpesa is expanding its experience in the development, manufacture and laying of new asphalt mixes, demonstrating its technological knowledge in asphalt binders and pavements.

You can find out more about Ditecpesa and asphalt bitumen innovation in the article Ditecpesa creates new modified bitumen that prevents skidding on roads.


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