Ditecpesa takes part in Barcelona Building Construmat 2017


barcelona building construmat 2017 ditecpesa
Ferrovial Agroman, through its subsidiary Ditecpesa, participated in the Conference on Circular Economy at the Barcelona Building Construmat 2017, an international leading reference in innovation as well as a knowledge and business forum. Specifically, Ditecpesa carried out the session focused on the use of bitumen modified with recycled plastic. The exhibition, carried out by José Javier García Pardenilla, Manager of Ditecpesa, analy  sed the main actions that are taking place in countries such as Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and India and described the fabrication method of this type of bitumen in our company, whose mixture comes from the yellow container. As an example of the advantages of bitumen modified with recycled plastic, by calculating Sustainability Indicators with production data from 2015 and based on a hypothetical case of asphalting the 625 kilometres separating Madrid from Barcelona, ​​the following results would be yielded:
  • Recycling of 22.5 t of plastic per kilometre of highway with extended mixture that would result in approximately 14,040 t, with 94,000 t produced using plastic waste.
  • Regarding saving CO2 emissions by reduction of waste deposit in the landfill, this would result in approximately 0.85 kg CO2 equivalent to 1 kg recycled, assuming a saving of 12,000 t of CO2 emissions.
Ferrovial Agroman is committed to increasing recycling levels and reducing CO2 emissions, together with the use of new resources that have a significant and positive impact on environmental conservation. The company considers responsible and efficient use of natural resources an essential part of its works. The Barcelona Building Construmat 2017 is a conference focusing on innovation, business, networking and knowledge that every two years presents and works on the proposals of the best and most important companies in the field of construction. The Conference on Circular Economy, developed within the scope of the Barcelona Building Construmat, is aimed at developing and defining transition strategies towards a circular economic model based on reducing, reusing and recycling waste.


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