Ditecpesa’s winning project at the Innovate Construction Awards 2016 receives official R&D certification


ditecpesa laboratory bitumen innovation
Ditecpesa has obtained UNE 166.002 certification for its nanotechnology in bitumen research through its R&D project “Development of high-specification bitumen nanomaterials for extreme climates”, issued by the Spanish Innovation Certification Agency (ACIE). Since 2016, several projects have been carried out in Spain, as well as successful laboratory trials in Canada, which have allowed the product to evolve into a nanostructure bitumen material with improved mechanical specifications, as well as higher resistance to the effects of water, ice and salt, the original aim of the project. The latest formula developed is the subject of an ongoing patent application filed last summer. One of the key features of this innovation project is that it has diversified into providing new advantages beyond the original idea. In addition to the added value provided in relation to technological standing, the certification obtained generates tax benefits, thereby financially incentivising such product improvements, which in turn acts to significantly support R&D projects obtaining this certification. Research is ongoing to improve the product with each practical construction application, with the aim of achieving successful results irrespective of the origin and location of the aggregates used for manufacturing the asphalt bitumen materials. Find out more news articles about Ditecpesa here.


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