Drinking water and health education arrive in Alto Larán (Peru) through a project from the NGO CESAL and Ferrovial


Proyecto Ferrovial y Cesal sobre agua potable en Alto Larán, Chincha (Perú)

Throughout June and July, along with the NGO CESAL, Ferrovial is carrying out the construction phase of the project “Providing drinking water and health education to families in a state of vulnerability in the municipality of Alto Larán, in the province of Chincha, Ica Region”, in Peru.

This project is framed within Ferrovial’s Social Infrastructures programme, through which the company provides economic funding and technical services with the objective of facilitating access to water and basic health for people at risk of social vulnerability in Africa and Latin America. Ferrovial’s technical support took shape in June through five employees visiting the project for a period of two weeks.


In this case, the project provides services to the population centres of Santa Ana and Sagrado Corazón, the first being composed of 99 inhabitable plots and the second of 70. The two have a joint population of 672, although it is expected for their population to grow to 1,014. These peri-urban centres have arisen subsequent to various families settling there in 2002 and 2003 respectively, as a consequence of the migratory flow from the country to the city that is taking place in Peru.

Due to the lack of planning at the time of this settlement process, the inhabitants of both population centres have been without the supply of basic services, such as water or sewerage, up to the present day. As such, the settlers have had to provide themselves with water from public stand posts or through unofficial connections which do not provide any guarantee of the quality or quantity of the service.

Through the intervention of Ferrovial, Cesal and the Municipality of Alto Larán, the provision of these services will be guaranteed. The Municipality of Alto Larán, for its part, in addition to collaborating directly on this project, is simultaneously carrying out the drainage system works in both locations.

Alongside the infrastructure, and with the aim of reducing levels of gastro-intestinal illness and encouraging the correct use and maintenance of the system, the project also includes healthy habits training workshops, aimed at the families benefitting from the system, and healthy habits workshops for children from the two local schools.

In this final phase of the project, organisation and technical training of families is being undertaken in preparation for the joint introduction of the works inside their homes, the aim being that, once the project has been concluded, each of the families will at least have at its disposal a sink with running water.



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